Want to know our Secret Sauce that allows our clients to 2x their practice BEFORE we do any marketing?

Do you feel like your life is on hold until you make more money?

Do you feel like you need more patients in order to grow your practice and make more money?

Therefore, do you search for marketing strategies and tactics in order to get more patients?

What if you could grow your practice without marketing…?

What if you could make more money by working LESS…?

Most docs have the same belief…

Marketing sucks.

Dr. Frazer is taking the mic to show you our formula for allowing our clients to 2x their practice without marketing…

Here are the 3 steps inside of our “Practice From Within” formula that allows us to get amazing practice growth and time freedom for our clients (and more importantly, personal fulfillment) without scripts, systems or discounts:

1. Grow Your Business By Increasing Your Value Per Hour

Look at how you spend your time, honestly.

This is simple to do, just do a Time Study to see how you spend every 30 minutes of your day across an entire week.

Then take it a step further, and put a dollar value to each task.

You’ll likely see MANY tasks you choose to handle are $15/hr tasks that should be handled by your team.

If you want to increase your net worth, spend more of your time doing $100/hr tasks.


Letting go of energy sucking, low dollar per hour tasks allows you to feel more self-worth AND increases your bandwidth to take on more. This practice growth tip will show you how you might be sabotaging your own success by *staying busy*.

This process is the reason some of our clients don’t actually grow their practice but make still earn the same amount while drastically cutting their hours and getting their life back.


2. Mix Business With Pleasure

The definition of “SUCCESS” is different for all of us, but at the core of it, we all just want to feel good, right!?

So how can you feel good more often while you’re at w.o.r.k?

This is the process of linking and integrating your core values into your practice.

You see…

When you feel good, when you feel switched on, you’re able to give more of yourself, and what you give you get.

It’s a simple equation that suggests your business will grow by feeling good.

Most of the clients that come to us are no longer passionate or excited by their practice, it’s like they became someone else in the process and the practice lacks identity.

Their practice has become a patch quilt mash-up of someone else’s scripts, someone else’s systems, someone else’s vocabulary… that’s the problem with looking for answers from other successful docs and trying to recreate the same results in your practice.

So how does this lead to growing your practice?

Well, the more we can strip away external influence and put more of ourselves into our practice, the more FUN we have at work.

The more fun we have, the higher frequency we vibrate and the more positivity we can attract.

It sounds fluffy and intangible and barely speaks to “practice growth”… we know.

But it happens over and over.

One of our recent clients had two practices that were plateaued for 3 years. We worked on a couple things for 9 months and that allowed him to EXPLODE both of his practices without marketing… new patients came from seemingly nowhere once we:

  1. Introduced more guitar into his practice. He loved music and was a great guitar player, so he added that into his practice flow.
  2. We removed his emotional growth blocks

… we came into the summer months which was typically slower than the other months, but this time it was record month after record month (again, without marketing). He just FELT good, and work was no longer a 4-letter word.

3. Increase Your Success Threshold

At this point, we’ve removed the low dollar per hour tasks which creates a void, creates bandwidth.

We’ve also increased our Feel Good Frequency so we have more energy to give to the practice.

Collectively, this creates a VOID in the universe.

The universe is always balanced, so it fills this void with “stuff”.

Ideally, you want this bandwidth filled with new patients, but it could just as easily be filled with problems, headaches, and new low dollar per hour tasks which just keeps us stuck.

The universe gives us only what we can handle, what we’re ready for… that’s our belief at Full Circle, because we see it daily.

If you aren’t ready to handle more money, more time, and more enjoyment, the universe will fill this void wilh what you ARE comfortable with… stressful tasks that eat up your time and unforeseen reasons to spend any surplus of money.

So our third step is to ensure we partner with the universe to fill this void with new patients instead.

We all have “Interferences to Growth” that create our Success Threshold.

It’s not tangible, but your results in life are a direct reflection and example of when you’ve hit this threshold.

If you can no longer grow your patient volume or collections, there is an interference.

We know it’s not a business block, but a personal one, if you follow step one and two above and your practice void, is not filled with new patients.

Because here’s what happens when you remove the interferences to growth…

We have a client who created the bandwidth, but instead of marketing he only did these two things:

  1. He allowed himself to push his hours back so he could practice martial arts in the morning
    … this allowed him to fill his own love tank before giving to everyone else all day, and bring the martial arts energy into his practice.
  2. He also LOVED making music and made a soundtrack that he could stream through his office all day

Therefore, his energy went WAY up, and he has had record month after record month, after record month.

He’s just focusing on loving his life and bringing this Feel Good Frequency into his practice and his patient attraction is through the roof.

It makes no sense, but it works.

NOW, we can integrate our systems frameworks so he can double down and increase efficiency to take more time off while growing his practice further.

– – –

So here’s the thing,

If you believe these 3 intangible practice growth strategies could work for you, then you’re right.

BUT if you believe these practice growth strategies are hocus pocus bullcrap and will NOT work for you, then you’re right.

So you have two choices…

  1. Continue searching for answers outside yourself, and see what kind of marketing you can inject into your practice.
    (Maybe the Lunch and Learn Checklist is right for you)
  2. See if we can help you grow your practice without marketing by getting out of your own way, creating a void/bandwidth in your practice, and filling it with new patients organically

If you’re ready to grow your practice, book a Practice Growth Strategy Session with one of our coaches and see if we can identify your Interferences To Growth.


“While one of my goals with coaching was to increase my financial expression, I also ended up with a wonderful increase in my well being as well.

Although my practice volume is pretty similar, my expenses have reduced and I am working less hours to achieve the same result (20 clinic hours per week, whereas pre coaching I was averaging around 27).

I am using the “extra” time to spend more time with my kids, consistent “date nights” with my hubby and even some “me” time.

Very rewarding program.”

– Dr. Rena Citron