Who doesn’t want to succeed?

Are you struggling to get yourself on track?

You can either plan to fail or fail to plan.

Either way the end results will be the same: you will be living a crappy life that one day you will resent or regret.

A life that’s based on “best guesses” or “chance” or “flying by the seat of your pants” is no way to live.

There were times in my life that I lived like that. Now I live a life of conscious intention. I can tell you from experience that Intention is a much more rewarding path.

Stay with us! We’re going to cover the 3 Guaranteed Steps To Success.


1. Understanding Your Core Values

This is always the place to start because this is the most authentic part of us from deep within. Completing a core values analysis allows you to develop your crystal clear top 3-5 values in life. This is the starting point for success so you have a frame of reference for what success is!

My wife and I share the highest core value of Family. It’s no wonder we’ve got 5 children! If you don’t have Family as a high core value then I’d be surprised if you have children (or perhaps you stopped after one).

2. Get Your Definition Of Success

In our company, we view this as “I know I am successful when _________”

Fill in the blank!

This stems from a coaching call I had years back with one of my mentors who said “Tom, tell me when enough is enough. Tell me when enough time with your spouse is enough. Tell me when enough time with your children is enough. Tell me when enough money is enough. Tell me how much vacation is enough.”

At that point in my life, I didn’t have the answer to any of those questions. I can now answer them in seconds because I’ve gotten very clear as to what my definition of success is as a result of my core values.

3. Set Your Goals

We’re big fans of only having 10 annual business goals and 10 annual personal goals. These are then broken down into 5 quarterly goals to support the annual goals.

When you set goals from a place of your own definition of success as defined by your core values, procrastination ends and unfinished projects end. It’s not like things aren’t going to stop coming up and getting in the way. There will still be challenges but you will do what you must with them because it is coming from a deep and inspired place.

Know exactly who you are! Find your authentic self.

“I know I am successful when _____!”

A life of conscious intention is one of joy and prosperity. All of us have something unique to share with the world. Our spiritual journey is to get clear with what that is and isn’t.

If you want access to our I Know I Am Successful When template, click here.

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