Ahhh Facebook, the land of Candy Crush requests and cat videos.


It doesn’t seem to make sense to many of us that this social platform seemingly designed to share political memes can also be equally effective for attracting new patients to your practice.


So what would it take to turn your deserted Facebook page into a profit centre?


Great question, let’s dive in.


Get More Engagement On Your Lonely Facebook Page



First let’s take a peek at your Facebook page.


Login to Facebook in a separate tab and go to your fanpage.


You can find that by the drop down arrow on the right hand side:


Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 4.46.19 PM


Now let’s take a look at it from an unbiased perspective.


Put yourself in the shoes or local community member who just came across a sponsored facebook post from a chiropractor.


If you haven’t stopped to define your target demographic, see step #4 in our “10 steps to creating your marketing plan


Looking at your fan page from the view of a potential customer, would you work with this business, knowing a first impression is made in about 4-6 seconds?


A page with a flurry of activity, lots of Page Likes and Check-in’s is the kind of place that would attract more attention.


Such as something like this:


Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 4.47.51 PM


The social credibility of a facebook page can make the world of a difference for a local business.


Simply because people are sheep and crowds attract crowds.


You want to make it stupid simple for someone to choose you, and the first step in doing that is making your page look like a place people want to be associated with. The same reason you want to go to a restaurant that has 99 5-star reviews and a waitlist to make a reservation.


So if we are going to invite a bunch of people over for a party (to our Facebook page) and use invite tools such as Facebook ads and events, then we’ll need to make it an inviting place to be. I mean, you would want to clean up your house before having a party, right?


So what do we do to make our Fan Page more inviting?


Beef up your metrics and get more social:


  1. Page Likes
  2. Check-ins
  3. Reviews
  4. Videos
  5. Retargeting to your HOT fans


When you have a page with great numbers, it’s like reassurance for your fans and patients that they’re in good hands… because 1,578 people can’t be wrong:


Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 4.50.08 PM



This is a screenshot from New Leaf Chiropractic, our own Coach Jay’s practice who is very active on Facebook.


Step 1: Encourage Check-Ins


Patients who value the service they’re getting and therefore come in regularly are often the best source of referrals.


Although, referrals usually come when the patient has an opportunity to share their experience with someone looking to solve a problem.


Many people don’t go out of their way to share a status update with their Facebook friends to shout from the mountain tops how great your practice is.


But when they check-in on Facebook, it’s essentially doing just that.


Facebook will share that information on their friends news feed, therefore giving you free organic traffic to your fanpage.


This gets friends of friends to check out your fan page, but that doesn’t mean your page is designed to convert…. Keep reading for more on that.


Increasing your check-ins will help bring people to your page, but more importantly it will act as social credibility to show your high number of check-ins to prospective patients checking you out.


Simply by putting a sign up in your waiting room asking them to open their Facebook app, click Check-In at the top right of the screen and search for your business, you should see more of those come through.

You may also try a monthly giveaway to your check-ins if you want to incentivize this. I have seen this work VERY effectively.


Step 2: Likes


Likes are social credibility. This is the online equivalent to having a long line up at your practice of people who say you are GREAT.


Although, encouraging your patients to Like you on Facebook is pretty transparently a one-sided value exchange, in your favour, unless you are sharing life-altering information.


You can tell them that you’ll be sharing this valuable information to get them to hang out on your page… but let’s be honest, most people won’t even engage with the odd Amplifeied post you share on your page.


BUT by encouraging check-ins, there’s a solid chance they’ll like your page in the process.


You’ll also get organic likes as a byproduct of following the next steps.


Step 3: Rack up Reviews


We’ve been helping docs with their STARketing, 5 star reputation marketing, for the last few months and the number one challenge people have with getting reviews always comes down to one thing:



Asking for them.

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 10.05.54 AM

The beautiful thing about Facebook reviews compared to Google and Yelp is that 95% of your patients likely have a Facebook profile. Thus most of the friction is eliminated.


Another beautiful thing about Facebook reviews compared to Google and Yelp is the social backing behind it.

Google reviews don’t show you which of your friends have left a review somewhere.


… and how much more credible is a review attached to a Facebook profile of a Mom who shares pictures of her family vs. a Google review who’s profile pic is a generic blue head. There’s much more identity and emotion behind Facebook reviews.


Plus they make your page much more credible. Imagine a page with 1,000 Likes and 0 reviews. I would start to question whether their Likes are real patients, or they bought them on Fiverr.


Reviews help specifically since 70% of people will search for reviews of a company before ever doing business with them.

But how do I get Facebook reviews?


When you have a patient telling you about an amazing experience from your care, than why wouldn’t they be inclined to share that and allow others to see what could happen from chiropractic care?


Just ask them if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review on Facebook or Google after their adjustment.


If you want a more automated way of following up after an adjustment to get reviews on Google, Facebook, RateMDs, etc. then check out our STARketing software.


Step 4: Warm up your local audience with video


Look, the chiropractic profession needs more educational tools to get people in, and to get people to stay because there is still too much confusion out there about what a chiropractor does and how it can benefit the human experience.


Video is an excellent way to educate people on what chiropractic is all about and how it can help them.


Full Potential Chiropractic does a TON of videos to educate the local community.


Here’s an example:


Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 5.07.55 PM



Without even running Facebook ads to this video, it’s getting great traction in the last couple days:


Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 5.08.51 PM


This is a great viral tactic to create educational videos and put it in front of people where they hang out often, their FB newsfeed.


This may or may not get people into your practice, but it does allow them to understand how chiropractic can help them.


It also puts your face and your business in front of them so you’re creating rapport, brand recognition, and even those desired Page Views, and Page Likes!


… they say it takes 7 interactions before someone will spend money with you.


So how do we get people to come into the practice?


Step 5: Retarget them with case studies


Everyone loves a happy ending.


Case study / testimonial videos are a great way to have other people promoting your services FOR YOU.


That’s why you should be turning patient conversations about their chiropractic wins into Facebook live videos by asking if they will share their story with the community to help more people like them.


Dr. Jay is great at turning on the camera and having a conversation about a patient’s journey.


And they often get a great response…

we retarget the people that have been on the site before.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 5.10.35 PM


… But here’s the advanced part.

Jay could create a Facebook video about how chiropractic can help relieve sciatic pain, and then promote his video testimonial with Pat to the people in Longmont Colorado that watched his sciatic video.


PROTIP: Facebook has a custom audience feature that allows you to tell FB to remember all the people that watched 50% of a certain video.

Then when you create a video case study, you can choose to boost it to the audience that watched your videos.

Like so:


Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 5.12.19 PM


Now this local audience knows you, trusts you, maybe Liked your Facebook page, and now they fully understand how you can help them.


The next step is to get them into your practice.


So the video case study can really function as a video ad that leads them to a custom landing page.


This landing page is designed to do one thing, get them to enter their contact information so we can follow up and educate them.




  1. You have someone who watched your video on sciatic pain.
  2. Then they see this doctor (you!) helped another local citizen with the same problem they’re experiencing.
  3. Now they land on a page about sciatic pain relief where all they have to do is put in their name, email and phone number to apply for a sciatic relief package (exam + adjustments).
  4. Then your CA calls them and asks to assist them in scheduling their first appointment.


This is how you can warm up a cold audience and get them into your practice, without standing around doing screenings.


Another version of this is retargeting them toward an event you’re holding.


There are a ton of creative ways to do it, but the important message here is that your future patients are on Facebook and it’s your duty to help them find you!.


If you need help designing a Facebook strategy or building custom landing pages, book a free call with Full Circle Coaching and Consulting’s marketing team – Meraki Marketing.


Click here for their secret link for a free call.


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