When I started with Full Circle I didn’t expect much. I’d coached before and while it was always a positive experience, I can‘t say that my life ever really changed.

Within weeks of starting with Full Circle, I had genuine hope. 6 months into Full Circle and I have a staff who loves our office, our purpose, and me. Who stays late, skips lunch, and smiles with full hearts while laughing throughout the day.

I‘ve taken more vacation time and earned more money than I have at any point in my 18 years of practice. I love my guy more and more with my heart bursting wider and wider all the time. But mostly, there’s an inner awakening happening and I’m learning who I am. Deeply. And it’s freeing me.

Frazer’s support, encouragement and insight has been magical. He‘s a gifted coach and a powerful being with a gigantic heart. Beyond blessed. Thank you Full Circle!

Dr. Beth Forgosh, NY, New York

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