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Dr. James Emmett

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

It has been a tremendous year of growth and transformation for me. Through this time my confidence in chiropractic has grown, my confidence with imparting chiro information to the patients has grown, the way I can conduct a staff meeting and lead the clinic has improved greatly.

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Dr. Gary Malstrom

Location: Burlington, Ontario

Yes, there has been growth in my practice but more importantly I am experiencing the excitement of personal growth that is being reflected within all areas of my life.

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Dr. Frazer Smith

Location: Smith Falls, Ontario

I believe that Tom has the ability to meet anyone wherever they are in their journey spiritually, philosophically or entrepreneurially and assist them in making positive change in their life. Just be prepared to do the work!

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Dr. Doug Penrose

Location: Halifax, NS

I’ve increased time off while increasing visits per hour, added more meditation and yoga…

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Dr. Catherine Kirk

Location: Peterborough, Ontario

I now work less hours, have way more fun and feel great about the balance in my life.

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Dr. Caroline Taylor

Location: Ontario, CA

I love that Tom is more than a coach, more than a healer; he is a father and a husband and he puts a very high value on these things. He does not pretend to be up on a pedestal.

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Dr. Bonnie Chuter

Location: Richmond, B.C.

Coaching with Tom has been a great experience. He makes you focus on all areas of your life so you can live life in your ideal. He is always organized and prepared for the calls. He has helped me improve myself and my practice in many ways. The coaching keeps you accountable to yourself so you can achieve whatever goals you desire.

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Dr. Anne Glose

Location: Jacksonville, OR

Even with taking a week off I managed to have my 2nd best month of the year in production and collections and my best month ever for new clients.

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Dr. Amy Robinson

Location: Woodbridge, Ont

When we met 2 and a half years ago, I knew you were the coach and mentor I had been searching for.

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Dr. Alison Cummings

Location: New York, U.S.A.

After working with Dr. Tom my relationships have improved, I spend more time outside of the office, I am aware of my core values and how to leverage those values to create the life of my dreams. Oh yeah- my office has also generated more money.

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Dr. Alicia Steele

Location: Courtenay, B.C.

I have sold the practice I hated in a city I no longer wanted to be in and moved to a wonderful community on the ocean. I surpassed my old monthly billings in my second month in practice here.

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Dr. Aaron Bridge DC


He has been a catalyst for change in many areas and has started a transformation in me that I have wanted for a long time. He truly has a passion for helping others succeed! It’s great to have him on the sidelines.

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Dr. Trevor Darnel

Location: Rapid City, MI

Tom has pushed me to be ten times more productive than I was and I have an amazing practice. My life is amazing and it’s only getting better with the plans and vision I have for it.

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