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Dr. Steve Gillis, BPE, ART, DC.

Location: Brampton, ON

Prior to working with Dr. Tom, I was like 97% of the population in that I didn’t have a personal or professional plan to ensure success. Now, thanks to Dr. Tom, I have a plan and I can clearly visualize the steps and goals that will make my dreams become my reality.

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Dr. Stephen Lippitt

Location: Belleville, Ont.

I’ve lost 30 lbs of flab and 6 inches around my waist, played more guitar than in the past 8 years, a personal record of new patients in practice, and I’ve learned how to dream again.

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Dr. Shannon Farnel

Location: Alberta, CA

In the first year of our coaching, I married my first love, had the courage to build and buy an estate home, decluttered huge parts of my life and have in essence gained better perspective in many areas. Can you afford this program? The question is; Can you afford not to?

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Dr. Don MacDonald

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

(Full Circle) has helped me become a better leader, communicator, and mentor.

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Dr. Chris Kane

Location: North Carolina, U.S.A.

A year ago I was bored out, lacking direction, just going thru the motions and clearly not living up to my potential. Today, I am excited about the future and I have vision and direction. I am reaching more of my potential as a chiropractor and as a human being.

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Shelly Childers

Location: South Carolina

Utilizing the tools Tom gave me – my vision, goals, and purpose for my ideal practice have become crystal clear, my time is used more efficiently, and tasks are getting accomplished much quicker. These tools aren’t only applied to your practice, but to your everyday life… and that has made a huge impact for me.

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Dr. Serge Froment

Location: Morinville, AB

In the last 4 months my life has so
dramatically changed that my emotions are bare right now. The numbers are
changing, the energy is positive and the momentum growing

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Dr. Peter Smith

Location: Ontario, Canada

I know for me it has given me direction, focus, and the tools to get to where I (CAPITAL “I”) want to go. The fact my CA jumped ship part way through was testament to MY coming up

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Dr. Paul Martin

Location: Tacoma, Washington

He has helped me fulfill my core values of authentic self-expression and evolution while increasing my new practice member rate as well as my retention.

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Dr. Mark Fleet DC

Location: Oakville Ont.

Tom Preston’s program is unlike most other chiropractic programs as it focuses on setting up your practice to be a reflection of your core values as opposed to most cookie cutter programs that try to mould you into their “right way of doing things

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Dr. Lynne McRoberts

Location: Toronto, On

Since working with Dr. Tom I have recognized what I want, as I had lost my dream, and I now have the tools to get there!

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Dr. Jennifer Stowasser

Location: Middletown, California

You brought to me focus and courage to live in my Ideal and i am so grateful beyond words for that.

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Dr. Eric Wiens

Location: Kingston, Ontario

The difference is now I feel I have the infinite
wisdom to form my life in my ideal.

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Dr. Bonnie Chuter

Location: Vancouver, Canada.

I have made some positive changes in my practice, have seen about 20% growth in the practice volume in the last 5 months, have been able to take off an extra afternoon and not feel guilty about it and have felt more focussed and energized at work.

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Dr Eric Butz

Location: St. Lazare, QC

Practice and profits up again this year 20%, with more holidays (7 weeks) and three day weekend every weekend!
create my dream lifestyle and dream practice, in MY IDEAL!

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