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Dr. Jennifer Stowasser

Location: Middletown, California

You brought to me focus and courage to live in my Ideal and i am so grateful beyond words for that.

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Dr. Eric Wiens

Location: Kingston, Ontario

The difference is now I feel I have the infinite
wisdom to form my life in my ideal.

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Dr. Bonnie Chuter

Location: Vancouver, Canada.

I have made some positive changes in my practice, have seen about 20% growth in the practice volume in the last 5 months, have been able to take off an extra afternoon and not feel guilty about it and have felt more focussed and energized at work.

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Dr Eric Butz

Location: St. Lazare, QC

Practice and profits up again this year 20%, with more holidays (7 weeks) and three day weekend every weekend!
create my dream lifestyle and dream practice, in MY IDEAL!

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Dr. Angela Pascoe

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

(Full Circle) has helped me grow personally, spiritually, and has allowed me to see through clear lenses what it is that I want in a practice. It has also assisted me in knowing how I can
create my dream lifestyle and dream practice, in MY IDEAL!

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Dr. Martine Dionne

Location: Quebec, Canada

Dr Tom has allowed me to express more of my true greatness. I can still practice the way I have always wanted to practice but I can do so even more efficiently, with ease and fun and without causing any harm to my family.

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Dr. Devin Coolidge

Location: North Bay, ON

I can honestly say through his mentorship my vision and drive for my future has become more clear and precise! I am truly grateful for everything that he has done for me!

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Dr. Jay Breitlow

Location: Longmont, CO

We have begun to close these holes as a result of the appraisal once I found out that just by doing so, we can add $106,000 to the sale price.

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Dr. David Brook

Location: Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

This experience has introduced my to new level of accountability, authenticity, and integrity.

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Maura Coltsman, CA

Location: No Location

The program was nicely balanced with information given, homework and tests, but what I enjoyed the most was the conference calls with Shazia. She made the calls fun and it didn’t feel like I was expected to know everything, but rather had a good support system that was teaching me ways to be a better CA

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