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Dr. Rick Lee

Location: Toronto

This was like a weekend away with my friends, that is how close everyone became. I love the

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Chris Kane

Location: Glastonbury, CT

I felt safe. The retreat felt professionally facilitated and that allowed the focus to be on personal growth and actualization.

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My first experience at Remembering the Sacred Source retreat was a life changing weekend

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Dr. Sandy Kunej

Location: Brantford, Ontario

I have noticed a greater sense of confidence in all that my team does.

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Dr. Michaela Cadeau

Location: Almonte, Ontario

Coaching with Dr. Tom Preston for the past six months and attending the Inner Power

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Dr. Darrin Groleau

Location: Ancaster, Ontario

I have had the distinct pleasure and good fortune of calling Dr. Tom Preston

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Dr. Rick Howard

Location: Jeffersonville, Indianna

My coaching experience with Dr. Tom Preston was life changing. Tom’s formula for success is simple.

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Dr. Cathy Holtschlag

Location: Camp Point, Illinois

Inner Power Seminars Helped Me To Confront Issues From My Past That Were Keeping Me From

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Susan Burger, DC

Location: Morrisville, Pennsylvania

The Inner Power weekend was a catalyst for growth and change. The experience helped me

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Dr. Kale Matovich

Location: Calgary, Alberta

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had, I will be grateful always! For anyone interested in moving beyond where they are at or pushing through barriers this weekend is a must.

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Dr. Steve Giltz

Location: Farmville, Virginia

My retreat weekend was the best bang for the buck I have spent in my 12yrs as a chiropractor.

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Dr. Rob Green

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

The sense of contentment, peace and internal joy that I felt and still feel is beyond words.

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