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Q1 2019 was our second highest collection quarter ever

Hi Tom, Since tomorrow’s call is about evaluation, I thought I’d give you a practice performance update here. Our 2019 1st Quarter’s production was 56% higher than 1st Q 2018!  Thank you, Tom. Also, Q1 of 2019 was only 6% shy of our highest Q (Q4 2018). And we did it with 2 docs instead…

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Coach Jay has always provided an ideal balance

This time so far has shown me the importance of continued and maintained accountability with a coach. I tried a year off on my own trying to gather information from different sources, which showed some promise, but didn’t produce any growth. I needed that time to understand that, just like Chiropractic care, consistency and discipline…

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Can’t wait to see what’s next

“So far, and I’m sure as the program moves along there will be many more nuggets, Coach Dodie has introduced me to the importance of listing your hierarchy of values and making everything you think and do every day reflect those values. My practice and my personal life are more in purpose with my values…

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I feel more prepared and enthusiastic about what the future holds

“As I may have expressed in my emails over the past couple weeks, this coaching program and Catherine have given me so much. Three months ago I went from having a stagnant practice built on anxiety and insecurity, to loving my career and waking up everyday feeling excited and filled with purpose. With the help…

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Allowed my business to continue to thrive

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to be coached. I knew it was going to be difficult and challenging but it is the best challenge I’ve ever faced. I am continually learning more about myself every single day and it’s because of the exercises that have been given…

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How To Get Your Patients to Pay Your Student Loans

Do you still have thousands of student loans looming over you each day?   Do you have a line of credit for your business?   How about a credit card or two that you’ve racked up?   And are you paid up on your taxes?   We accrue a lot of debt to get to…

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