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5 Success Principles You Can Learn From Google

A true underdog story, Google’s humble beginning started from a garage by two Stanford students in their early 20’s.. Their chief and admirable goal; to build something that would one day sell for $1M. The founders never received their $1M cheque, which has allowed this behemoth of a company to continue on; currently netting $113,822…

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Dynamic Spread of Happiness in a Large Social Network

Longitudinal Analysis over 20 years in the Framingham Heart Study James H Fowler, associate professor,1 Nicholas A Christakis, professor2 ABSTRACT Objectives: To evaluate whether happiness can spread from person to person and whether niches of happiness form within social networks. Design: Longitudinal social network analysis. Setting: Framingham Heart Study social network. Participants: 4739 individuals followed from 1983…

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