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The New Rich of Chiropractors | Get More From Your Practice

Your overworked, underpaid and not taking enough vacations. Chiropractors are notorious for spending too much time and energy at the office as a debt of service to the industry, to our patients, to ensure we’re doing everything we need to do to have a successful practice. But what if the amount of time were spending…

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remove guilt

How to Remove Chiro-Mom Guilts and Resentments

HOW TO REMOVE GUILT, FEAR & RESENTMENT   This one is directed towards all the powerful moms who find themselves running a practice/ business. Coach Dodie has been there first hand to see and feel the emotions associated with being a chiro-mom. That feeling of guilt that creeps up when with patients because the kids…

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money management

3 Steps to Change Your Relationship with Money to Affirm Abundance

 you’ve grown your business and you’re doing the right things to get more profitability with the practice so you can earn more and hit your financial targets… yet as revenues increase, so are your expenses.   Does this sound like you? Have you been leaking money even when you’re growing and seeing higher numbers? We…

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Steve Johnson

Location: Perth Ontario

This is the first summer in 20 years I have allowed myself to take a one week vacation with my family during my peak season. (stonemason) I am starting to feel like a human being instead of a human doing.

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Dr. Gary Moskowitz

Location: Seattle, Washington

New patients up 68% (!) without any different “doings” – no advertising, promotions, etc.

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Dr. Paul McConnell

Location: Calgary Alberta

My experience as a coaching client with Tom Preston for the past 11 months has been simply incredible! For the first two years into practice I was not sure how to grow ..

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The 3 R’s For Effective Chiropractic Reactivation Letters

What if you could grow your practice revenue without marketing… They say it costs 5x, up to 25x more to acquire a new patient than to retain an existing one. One way to retain more patients is to educate them with table talk and healthcare classes, but if that was working for you, you wouldn’t…

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Dr. Paul Martin

Location: Tacoma, Washington

My investment with my coach doubled, and yet the ROI actually increased!

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Reena Gauba, Accountant

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

I’m not sure if sceptical is the word, but I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the coaching process. after experiencing the process for the last 5 months, I can truly say that I have not only got my money’s worth but much more. The clarity of thought and self-love has no price

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Dr. D.J. LeDrew

Location: Calgary, AB

I have also accomplished more in this year than any years’ prior. My consciousness, relationships and expression resonate a much higher level.

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Dr. Karen Hayhurst

Location: Guelph, Ontario

Because of this I have become more confident and willing to take necessary risks so I could grow immensely. My family life, professional life and all other aspects of my being have improved.

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