If You’re A Doctor, Practice Owner, Or Business Leader…

Let Us Help You Remove ALL The Obstacles To Your Success, And Create A Blueprint

That Will Transform Your Life!

If you’ve been hitting the same revenue numbers month after month, if you’ve been paying yourself roughly the same amount over and over, then this is a symptom that you are in your own way.

Which is exactly what the Blueprint to Mastery is going to help you with.

We’re going to help you focus on all of the following super important constructs;

  • Helping you define where you are in business so you can get a clear starting point.
  • Identify what it is that makes you light up, and how to embed more of that in your business so it doesn’t feel like work (we call them Core Values).
  • Based on these Core Values, we use these personal metrics to define where you want to go in business, as a vehicle to afford your best life so that everything we do is intentional and authentic.
  • Once we have your starting point and destination, we need to see what obstacles are in the way between you and your goals. We call these “Interferences to Growth”.
  • According to your business, your family, your preference, and your desire, we will create your Dynamic Time Schedule which will allow you to take your time back from your business and put you in the driver seat. This will be your daily guideline to fit all areas of your life that serve you into your schedule.
  • We will have our coaches determine your relationship with success and money to see if you’re currently repelling more new business, so when you get back to work you’re ready to immediately attract more clients and revenue.

When you leave you’ll have a clear Blueprint of your business to show you where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

The event is only $497 right now, but at the end of July our price is going up.

If you’re tired of doing the same thing over and over every day and not getting ahead…

Then I hope to see you in Toronto to help you (finally) grow your business by removing your interferences to growth.

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