Dr Paul Preston, my brother, and yes, he’s an MD, but I won’t hold that against him 😉 After all he is our KeyNote Speaker.

His fascination of living beings began as a boy watching tadpoles transform before his eyes, leading to his medical practice which has spanned over 30 years across a broad range of medicine, from birth to death.

Witnessing the incompleteness of the prevailing medical model with the limitations and harm it causes, he sees a future of medicine that transcends the how of biology, to the why of consciousness. He rejects that consciousness comes from unconscious matter and that the events of life are random meaningless phenomena.

He encourages us all to appreciate witnessing Life as the transformation it is, to live in our holy curiosity, our shared humanity, and the only thing that ever matters to the dying.

Come and hear him yourself at the Blueprint to Mastery weekend