What would you do with more free time if you could add an extra 5 – 10 hours per week back to your schedule?

This is the reason a lot of chiropractors and practice owners reach out for our help in the first place, they want more time away from the practice so they can actually live their lives and see more of their family.

Most entrepreneurs get into business for themselves to experience the freedom and leverage that is POSSIBLE, however, the realities of running a practice causes them to end up sacrificing so much…

  • time with their family
  • their hobbies and fitness
  • the quality “Me Time” in the mornings or unwinding after work… it does

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The quickest path to breaking out of the “Freedom Paradox” and getting more time back for yourself is simply by increasing how much money you make per hour.

Here’s Dr. Tom’s simple formula to get more time back without losing revenue:

The average chiropractor in North America creates an average of $150,000 in revenue.

The average profit of a chiropractor in North America is only $67,000 per year or $5,600 per month.

The average doctor is working an average of 45 hours per week in their practice.

Therefore the average chiropractor is making $30 per hour.

So HOW do we increase this number so you can earn more per hour and choose how you spend your time?

The 2 Ways Practice Owners Can Leverage Their Time to Create More Freedom:



How do you know which systems to put in place?



Who can you delegate tasks to and which tasks should be delegated? 


Both of these can be determined with one activity that I encourage you to implement THIS week!


The “$30 Per Hour Exercise”

I want you to write down what you do every 30 minutes of each day from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep.

This will give you a GREAT indication of where you’re wasting time on things that are outside of your values, so you can live a more intentional lifestyle. 

More importantly, it will begin to reveal what Practice and People Systems need to be implemented to free up more time and increase your earnings per hour.

Beside each task I want you to put a dollar value.

Some things will be $15/hour.

Some will be $30/hour.

Some will be $100/hour.

Once you have a week of data, you can begin to cluster the low dollar per hour tasks and move them to your existing staff, if that’s within their Outcomes Assessment.

If those low dollar per hour tasks are NOT within the outcomes of your existing team members, maybe you can enroll your kids in doing them – like cutting the grass or doing the dishes.

I’m sure you can even hire an Uber driver to take your kids to school for $15 if that task doesn’t compute into “priceless” family time.

You can begin to uncover which redundancies are happening in your practice to streamline your efforts and create systems to minimize them…

For example, if you’re checking on stats or finances every day, you could do that every Monday for 30 minutes instead.

The most common 4 Practice Systems docs can focus on that are HIGH dollar per hour activities are:

  1. Marketing the practice
  2. Educating yourself
  3. Training your team
  4. Educating your patients

– – –

We helped Dr. Rena when she came to us out of frustration for how much time her practice was stealing from the things she wanted to do.

She was overworked, underpaid, and burned out…

I’m sure you can relate?

When we did this exercise with her to help her see where she could streamline her attention, she was able to clear up 7 hours per week.

She added an extra 28 hours per month that she invested into date nights, more time with her kids, and the very under-appreciated and under-valued “ME Time” which for her was her morning run. 

What would you do with an extra 28 hour per month?

– – –


Now here’s what comes next …

It sounds easy to do this one exercise, reveal the systems that need to be put in place so you can choose where your time goes, however…

We are humans and our mind is complex.

Therefore we like to complicate things, we downplay our own talents, we get in our own way, and we can’t see our practice and lifestyle from an unbiased perspective.

This is why docs come to us.

We have spent the last 20+ years helping docs get out of their own way and remove the “practice plateaus” that are in their physical practice and mental state.

Here’s the secret:

No marketing will help you break through your plateau.

… not scripts.

… not systems.

Adding new patients will be a waste of time, energy and money because you tend to end up back to where you are now anyways if you have these old systems in place that you’re operating from.

I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to add anything to your practice… you need to remove your interferences.

The interferences that limit your expression, your income, your enjoyment, and keep you doing what you believe you “should be” doing instead of being yourself and loving your practice.

Once we remove that, your glass ceiling becomes your new floor.

That’s REALLY what we were doing with Dr. Rena to allow her to not only clear up 28 hours per month but decide how to invest those hours into her life intentionally to create fulfillment so that she doesn’t subconsciously go back to working for work’s sake or filling that time with the chaos of life.

That’s what we did with Dr. Charles who was stuck at 70 patients per week until we removed the interferences and 2x’d his PVA so 70 patients became his new low rather than high.

I’d love to give you the answers you need to remove your interferences, but it’s different and unique to everyone.

Everyone has a unique practice style, unique lifestyle, unique goals, and unique baggage that is holding them back.

What we can do for you is to get on a Practice Growth Strategy Session to take a look at your symptoms and give you a report of findings, which we call our Practice From Within Blueprint to grow your practice while working less exhausting hours.

Just click the link below to remove your interferences to growth…

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