Can I let you in on a secret?

After 3 months of talking, planning and brainstorming the time has come for Full Circle to step into the digital revolution.  The time has come to make more accessible all the resources you need to take your business success to the next level.  Because we, as a team, are all passionate about your authentic success we have doubled down on our commitment to help you win the week and conquer the weekend.

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I have never loved the phrase “weekend warrior” – ever since I was a teenager.  It felt like people would spend 70% of their life toiling in routine monotonous “jobs” to have 30% enjoyment.  I have historically been good at math, but not great. But I knew I didn’t need higher order linear mathematical derivatives to guide me to an understanding of these percentages.  Living a life that is 70% OK, at best, to enjoy 30% was no way I wanted to live. I contend we all have a desire for more than 30% fulfillment.

It’s part of the reason I have changed careers.  I knew that being a nuclear engineer was going to create so much “suckage” 70% of time for me, that I would be old and crusty and a whole bunch of other unsightly words, before I was anywhere near sniffing retirement.  I know some people are passionate about cube life and computer programming, but it was never my thing.  Still I knew I had to create income. I needed a job. Could I have a job that I love?

The answer is clearly Yes!  Yes Yes and YES!  I found a career that I have loved for 8 years running serving Longmont, Colorado as a chiropractor.  On top of that, I found an even more impactful career 3 years ago as a Full Circle Authenticity coach.  I can touch people by hand with each adjustment, but as a coach I can literally reach out and serve more people through that medium than I can adjusting one spine at a time.  With that obvious connection, the next question for me was how can we help and serve even more people?

The answer? Going digital. We have seen how a digital can transform a life from across the globe, but a recorded digital conversation in the form of a podcast can transform tens to hundreds of thousands of lives, simultaneously. With that, Full Circle is proud to be the sponsor of “360 Degrees of Success” podcast.  Our shows are designed for conscious entrepreneurs who also have a burning desire to serve more people everyday.  To not just live for the 30% of life that is the weekend but to live 100% of the week, day, hour and second that you have alive.  

Our mission is to help you win the week and conquer the weekend.  What this means is that we are going to be bringing you some amazing guests every month who are going to be sharing their tips to have success in business throughout the week and what they do when they are not “in the office.”  

Have you ever had a weekend that you just felt like you needed to recover from the work week?  Then next thing you know the weekend is over and you are wearing down Monday before you can even have your lunch Quesadilla.  You must conquer the weekend!!  Do not let the weekend just float to you and sleep in until noon when you really want to go and climb that mountain.  Don’t miss the changing of seasons because there is a big work project that “just needs to get done.”

There is no job that is worth sacrificing your values and there is no weekend that is so worth it that you cannot serve more people come Monday, or Tuesday or whatever your “service” routine is.  I know that I am truly in flow with my work when I don’t know which day of the week it is.  Ever had that happen to you?  Which brings up a great quote by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of “Flow”

–  “A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe.”

You will not get any recipes from our shows.  Instead you will get ingredients and ideas for you that you can add to your own recipe of life.  Nobody wants a cut and pasted life and nobody wants a cut and pasted podcast.

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Also, have a guest you want to hear? Let us know, we are looking for monumental leaders to share their lives with us.

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