Chiropractic Assistant Training Program

Hiring a New Chiropractic Assistant

... and don't have the TIME or DESIRE to train them yourself? 

 Full Circle's Chiropractic Assistant Training Program Is Here To Allow You To Focus On Being a Great Chiropractor While We Transform Your CA Into An Asset You Can't Live Without.

chiropractic assistant

"Increase the quality of your team through training and accountability, and watch your revenue increase with more referrals generated, more reviews, and higher PVA.

We are the only CA Training program that we know of that offers all of the following:

  • virtual lessons delivered bi-weekly
  • monthly, personalized accountability calls between your staff and our trainer
  • role-play scenarios so your CA understands the concepts at the deepest level
  • chiropractic knowledge and philosophy so your staff can address patient questions for you

This training is effective and personalized, so you can have faith in the talent and stability of your team."

Dr. Tom Preston

Chiropractic Success Coach

Give our office a call to see if we're the right fit for your training needs at 1-705-495-3330


Trust our CA Trainers to dedicate themselves to making your practice flow smooth, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks once your CA's pass our 6 month training.

Here's How You WILL Get MORE From Your Team:

chiropractic referral


Marketing starts at the front desk. Your CA's should be helping you grow your practice and encouraging referrals.

chiropractic patient education


Your patients have questions and concerns that you just don't always have time to address on the table! This is where educated CA's translate into educated (and satisfied) current and future patients.

chiropractic assistant systems


You have little control over the flow and zen of the office, so we ensure the right systems are in place to keep everything running smooth, knowing nothing is slipping through the cracks. Systems = efficiency and effectiveness.

chiropractic assistants can lead your meetings


We find most practice's do a very loose job of check-in and progress meetings. Our training allows your CA's to learn how to structure and lead (at least) weekly meetings to push new ideas and old business forward!

increase patient retention


Your patient's experience is largely created by your staff. Their management of office flow and communication is contingent on a great experience or not - a big make or break for future visits.

chiropractic assistant scheduling


Things happen; you're going to get cancellations. We train your CA's to ensure cancellations become rescheduled appointments so you don't lose revenue and satisfied patients.

hiring chiropractic assistant


When your CA leaves you in a lurch, it causes a disruption in office flow and could cost you thousands in lost revenue and dissatisfied patients. A well-trained CA statistically holds the job position in higher regard and sticks around longer.

What Others Have To Say

"Like many of my colleagues, life is busy and full. I love being with my practice members helping impact their health and also having quality time with my family and time for community service. But when it is time to bring on a new team member, the hiring and training processes are not my favourite duties.

Recently I hired a new Chiropractic Assistant and immediately enlisted the help of Full Circle's CA Trainers, Shazia and Bobbi, to help my new assistant get started quickly and successfully.

The CA wears many hats in the office and I found their training to be comprehensive. The weekly calls and homework kept both the CA and myself focused and moving forward in the training process. As well, the trainings brought up good questions and conversations that have helped my CA and I enhance/solidify our relationship.

catherine's chiropractic assistant program testimonial

Thanks Dr.Tom, Shazia and Bobbi for getting us started.

This will be a banner year!"

Dr. Catherine Straus - Chiropractor

Personalized One-On-One Training

Now, you KNOW your CA needs training, but what are your options for Chiropractic Assistant Training Programs on the market today? 

1) Online programs:

You can trust your CA to keep themselves accountable with one of the many online programs that some training companies offer.

2) Live Seminars:

You can invest in a live seminar dedicated to Chiropractic Assistant Training. Although this would require hotel rooms, transportation costs, meals, and time away from the practice and their families.

3) One on One Virtual Coaching:

OR you can invest in our CA Trainers to personally guide your entire staff through our 12 module training program. Your team receives one-on-one attention to address any questions, personalize the training, and ensure the training "sticks" so you see REAL change in your staff and your practice!

dedicated chiropractic assistant training coach

Full Circle's Chiropractic Assistant Training program affords you the luxury of receiving the highest quality training and mentoring, without investing your own valuable time to monitor their progress OR fly the team to the next live seminar training.

The only thing worse than training your CA's, 

and having them leave,  

is NOT training your CA's and having them stay!

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3 Payments of $695 CAD

Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the training in the first 30 days, and you feel like your team is not going to benefit from the next 10 modules, we honour a full refund and you keep the first two modules for free. 

Your Return On Investment

Our Full Circle Coaching Programs typically have an ROI of 347%, meaning you can anticipate that your investment of only $1995 CAD has the potential to be made 3 times over in new business and/or increased Patient Visit Average from our training modules. 


Is The $1,995 Investment Per CA?

Our training program covers up to 3 CA's since we've found that's the best way to manage most teams and keep the training intimate enough to ensure we can keep everyone accountable to their greatness. 

What If I Have More Than 3 CA's On The Team?

No problem! We can accomodate bigger teams by simply adding $150 per CA to cover the extra human resources needed. Just reach out with the number of CA's you want us to train and we will put together a special agreement for you. You can reach us by email at or call the office at 1.705.495.3330.

Is There Tax On The Investment?

We charge what's called State Tax, meaning we must add the provincial tax of your location for our Canadian clients. However, we do not charge tax for our international clients.

How Much Time Should The CA Be Prepared To Invest In Homework Per Week?

 Your CA should be prepared to invest approximately two hours per module:

One hour to complete the exercise and quiz, and an hour to review the material and get familiar with it. We provide two weeks to complete each module.

What If Our CA Needs More Than Two Weeks To Complete a Module Since The Office Is Really Busy?

 Not a problem, since a call schedule is created with all due dates and call dates, your CA just needs to inform her training coach that she needs an extension for her homework. We have found with this training, CAs are soon able to prioritize and organize their duties more efficiently so they can perform at a lower stress level with smooth office flow - that's part of our training!

Are The Monthly Conference Calls With CAs From Multiple Offices?

 No, the monthly calls are specifically for your team and their training coach to clarify any of the material up until that point in the training, to provide support where needed, and role play different scenarios that are common for your office. If it is difficult to get multiple CAs on your team together for the call, they are able to participate on the conference call from the comfort of their own homes.

What If My CA Needs Support For A Certain Situation That Arises In Our Office That Has Not Been Covered In Any Of The Modules Yet?

 Your CA will have unlimited email and/or phone support from her training coach throughout this training period regardless if the material has or has not been covered yet.