In this interview with John Demartini, renowned author, behavior specialist, and chiropractor, we discuss the need to be true to yourself and focus on high priority activities. Only by living an inspired life can we spread the benefits of chiropractic care and help to elevate the practice.

One of the first things that we talk about is the fact that those who were prepared for the current crisis have found themselves to be thriving financially. John made sure to build up his cash reserves in case of an event such as this one. Because he had the foresight to prepare in advance, he has been able to continue working without seeing his income suffer.

We also discuss why it’s so important to be true to yourself. Too many of us spend too much time on low priority activities that don’t inspire us and don’t yield significant results. We need more inspired chiropractors in order to spread the message of the benefits of chiropractic care. By focusing on high priority activities, you can give yourself the financial freedom to become a leader in both the field and the community.

Your goal should be to live an inspired life in which you spend the majority of your time doing high priority activities. This way, you’ll be driven by your vision rather than by external forces.
Additionally, by living an inspired life that is led by vision, you can use your platform to inspire young people to become chiropractors, thus contributing to the growth of the field.

Take the first step toward financial freedom by learning to be true to yourself. After all, perhaps the best way to spread the benefits of chiropractic care is by being an example and inspiring others.

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