“Whatever you believe, you’re right”
– Henry Ford

This is especially important to remember when we think about our beliefs about ourselves.

If you don’t really know or like who you are, then you’re projecting that out into the world subconsciously.

The Looking Glass Universe Theory states that what we put out into the universe comes back to you as a reflection.

If you see the universe as a beautiful, abundant place… that’s what will be reflected back.

If you see the universe as a scary, conflict-oriented place with scarcity… that’s what will be reflected back.

Therefore, it’s important that you enhance your relationship with yourself and your beliefs in yourself.

From there, your relationship with your practice and your relationship with your patients will be reflected back equally positive.

This is one strategy we implement with our chiropractic coaching clients to help them grow their practice organically without marketing.

The first step is knowing 
yourself, how you operate subconsciously, and what it is you truly want out of this life… and we do that through our Core Values Filter.

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to learn how to tie this all together for your organic chiropractic practice growth…

The reason we don’t know how to grow our chiropractic practice and attract 
high-quality patients is because we’re constantly looking at what other people are doing.

We’re following chiropractic training company “Playbooks” and following
ROF closing scripts in the hopes that this will ALSO work for US.

We’re seeing what’s working for others and think, “hey maybe I ought to do that” or “maybe I should be doing this”. While there’s nothing wrong with collecting data from successful chiropractors, we need to be sure we’re not buying into THEIR belief and value systems.

If you put more of the data and ideas you collect through your personal Core Values Filter, you’d likely disregard half of the things you learn about because that’s not authentic to you.

Your chiropractic marketing would be SO much more effective if it’s aligned with your core values.

So here’s what you can begin doing today to attract higher quality patients and grow your practice organically: 

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others – they likely have different values, different goals, and a different definition of success than you do anyways.
  2. Get clear on your core values – know who you are and why you do (and don’t do) things a certain way. That way you can filter out the noise from the world and make more authentic decisions.
  3. Examine the times you feel you “Need To”, “Got To”, and “Should” do certain things – any of them that don’t make it through your Core Values Filter can immediately be tossed.
  4. Love and respect yourself more – that way the universe can reflect more love and respect back in the form of high-quality new patients.


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