Name: Dr. Doug Penrose

Location: Halifax, NS

I thought it would be helpful to review my what has transpired for me since starting coaching.

Before After
treating 5 days a week 30hrs 4days and 24 hrs
$40/visit 125/week $50/visit 120/week
4-6visits/hr 8visits/hr
2 associates 1
70% mechanical 90% vitalistic
hcd no close major changes to HCD close with invitation
haphazard pm comm during visits consistent comm.(last month)
NPeducation at initial exam and ROf ok major changes to rof and key consult ques
Re-exam inconsistent consistent, major change and education at reexam
Team meetings haphazard no structure weekly with agenda
no clear outcomes and weak evaluation process outcomes document updated yearly and staff evaluation much more productive
no pre post check for visits clearer idea of when I’m done each visit

I could go on because there is lots including Big rocks, DTS etc, many distinctions, more balance in my personal life, yoga, meditation more spiritual reading,time with my kids and on and on.