Name: Dr. Stephen Lippitt

Location: Belleville, Ont.

This past month I’ve been experiencing some of the rewards of making shifts in our cores. I’ve shared a few with the group already, but the one that I’ve been having the most fun and enjoyment out of has been my efforts in acquiring an attitude of abundance.

In my practice career as a chiropractor I’ve tried changing all of the things around me to be a success…the new forms, new scripts, new techniques, new practices, new cities, etc… And while I could feel that they were good changes that I learned something from, none of them were “it”. Finally I realized that the inside stuff is what has to change. I knew this before, but I hadn’t made it important enough and emotional enough for me to change it.

Just three weeks into observing and being grateful for the abundance already in my life, my practice has been growing from last year’s trend. I’m having much more fun in my office, with my staff, and patients. My perspective on what needs to be done is much more grounded. I’m finding I’m not letting my emotions run away on me as often. And I’m dealing with “stresses” and crazy stuff that happens in life better. Things continue to work more synchronously.

What’s changed/evolved in my life with coaching:

  • I’ve lost 30 lbs of flab and 6 inches around my waist (no six-pack
    yet, but getting there).
  • I’ve played more guitar then the past 8 years combined.
  • I attracted 20 new practice members to my office during the month of January with a promotion (a personal record).
  • I’ve given myself permission to actually want a great lifestyle for myself.
  • I’ve learned how to dream again…actually more like believe that my dreams could actually happen in this lifetime!
  • I’ve understood how important my passions are in my life.
  • I’ve thought about and am starting to more consistently use my time more profitably.
  • I’ve felt less stressed then I can ever remember.
  • I’m getting important projects that I’ve put off for years done in less time then I ever thought possible, leaving more time for me to enjoy life and be with my family.