Name: Dr. Trevor Darnel

Location: Rapid City, MI

Coaching with Tom has been truly a gift.

I had some previous experience coaching with Tom so I had an idea what I was signing up for. From the beginning Tom has helped me rediscover, commit to and live out my vision and core values. Knowing what is truly most important to you and applying it to your life is priceless. Tom has done that for me. I’ve made amazing progress in less than a year and I have much more to look forward to.

Tom has pushed me to be ten times more productive than I was and I have an amazing practice. My life is amazing and it’s only getting better with the plans and vision I have for it. The big plans I’ve developed for my practice and life seem daunting at the moment but the coaching experience has given me the tools I need to see those plans at each step of the way. I can’t imagine growing a successful chiropractic practice, raising an amazing healthy family and living this rewarding life without the tools I learned from Tom’s coaching. Expressing your authentic gifts is a given with Tom at your side.

Thanks for an amazing year, Tom.