How can I work on productivity improvement in my practice? A feedback survey can help you to gain valuable market research without spending a lot of time doing it. A survey coupled with the other tips in this video can allow you to have more time and more money.

A survey is a simple way to get information about the client experience. You can ask them what they like about you as opposed to other chiropractors. Or, you could ask them what you do really well. These questions are effective ways of getting the client’s point of view.

Besides a feedback survey, you can also just ask your patient what their experience was like. You could say, “What about this place suits you best?” Just by asking this simple question, you could get a lot of useful information that you could use for productivity improvement.

The third thing you can do is google yourself. When you google yourself, you may find stories about your business or a business with a similar name. That way, if a patient reads something about a similar business and thinks that it’s yours, you can correct them.

And the final thing to do to increase productivity is to listen. Specifically, you want to listen for what you don’t want to hear. If you listen for what you don’t want to hear, then you can pick up on criticism that will ultimately help you make your business more efficient.

The feedback survey, listening, googling yourself — these things are all related in that they are simple ways of gaining valuable information. In order to be successful with productivity improvement, implement these things into your practice. Just make sure you stick with them until you get results.