I will start this personal recommendation off with WOW!!! I have been working with Dr. Tom Preston and Full Circle Coaching for approximately 4 months. I have had numerous business and chiropractic coaches over the years with mixed results.

First off, Dr. Tom’s approach to coaching is no joke. He took the time to find out a lot about me personally so he can determine who I was and where my heart was both personally and professionally. This level of personal insight is proving incredibly powerful in his approach to coaching me. While I’ve been in practice for 34 years, I have always been open to doing things smarter and better. Once Tom and I got to know each other, he gave me important projects to help me crystallize my Values and Goals and put me on a path to achieving them.

Tom’s approach requires work and time focusing on the deepest parts of WHY I am in practice and HOW to make my practice function in alignment with my values. Make no mistake, Dr. Tom doesn’t provide a glossed over version of coaching, he expects you to roll up your sleeves and get down to work.

In the last few years, I have hired 3 chiropractors to work my practice and I have found myself needing help transitioning from treating doctor to CEO of my practice I’ve been putting in the time to work his coaching and since he has become part of my team, we have significantly outperformed each of the past 2 quarters in business production and patient visits.

By working with Full Circle Coaching, I am on a steadily increasing path to realize not only my practice goals, but my personal goals as well. I also have Dr. Tom’s CA specialists training my CA team. My team has been learning a lot of very practical office procedures as well as gaining a deeper understanding of chiropractic philosophy. I am only 4 months into my work with Full Circle Coaching, but I now have a life time friend and mentor that will help me realize my professional and my personal goals and dreams.

Do not hesitate! Make time for a personal conversation with Dr. Tom. He is a fantastic coach, a truly rare gem and a wonderful soul of a person.

Dr. Jonathan Preiss