The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of the relationships in your life.

Yet, the most important relationship we have is with ourselves.

Is it possible that GUILT and your relationship with yourself is robbing you of living your authentic, most prosperous life?

Is it possible that an emotion can be sabotaging your practice results?

All of us have tremendous gifts and skills that we can offer to the world. The more authentic and clear we are with our inner self – that part of ourselves that only our closest friends know about, the more power, wisdom and creativity we have.

If this is in all of us then why are we not all hitting it out of the park?

What is the roadblock?

We’ve found with multiple chiropractic coaching clients that GUILT is inhibiting the abundance you were born to receive…
guilt about who we are,
guilt about who we’ve been,
guilt about how we’ve treated other people.

There is a solution! In this

In this blog, we’re going to give you an exercise you can do in order to balance the law of energy and get rid of your guilt!

Guilt most commonly comes from a misperception of an interaction or experience usually with another human where we believe we caused someone more damage than good.

It’s real for us but it doesn’t mean it’s actually real.

The law of balanced energy says that’s not possible.

There cannot be a human interaction or experience that does not have an equal number of pros and cons or good and bad.

This guilt dims our light, makes us feel terrible and then the relationship we have with ourselves is not optimal.

As a result of that, we are not doing all that we can do. We are not sharing our gifts with the world, our spouses, or our clients. Therefore we are not living the life we’d love to live.

So what are we to do with these misperceptions?!

There’s an exercise that I give to our clients that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! You just have to balance the scales.

Balancing the Misperception Exercise

Write a list (the size will be dependent on the magnitude of the issue you have). I’ve seen it been as few as 25 or 30 and sometimes up to 300.

List all the positives/benefits that you AND the other person got out of the interaction.

If you don’t know all of the benefits – ask them! If they are no longer with you, you can hypothesize based on your previous experiences in similar situations.

Remember: It’s impossible to have loss without gain.

The question then is to release the guilt by balancing out the energy of the charge so you can know this is a misperception.

Stop feeling guilty, stop restraining your life and start living your authentic self!

I had a client recently reach out to tell me how much this exercise made a difference for him. He had a challenging relationship with his father – at one point he hated his father. He felt guilty for feeling this way but by doing this exercise he was able to balance out the negative energy and completely released the guilt.

We have a term in our coaching business called ESOL:

This issue was taking up space on my client’s hard drive!

And here’s what happens when the guilt is released…

He told us that since this exercise, he and his wife are getting along better, the little things at work don’t bother him anymore and his clinic has never been busier!

Clearing the ESOL’s – clearing misperceptions about past experiences can completely change your life. Do the exercise and watch the energy come! Get rid of the weight of these misperceptions and guilt.

Most people don’t want to do this exercise. But do it! You will feel lighter.

Enjoy the prosperity, the love and the joy that is your birth right as a human being.

– – – – – –

One of our clients had felt guilt about her working hours because she was sacrificing time she wanted to be with her family in order to work on growing her practice. She felt this guilt because her efforts weren’t paying off, and therefore she wasn’t providing any more for her family or spending this time with them. Ouch.


Does this sound familiar?


Once she did this exercise, she immediately allowed herself to stop feeling guilty because she had a plan, a roadmap, to both be a great mother (as defined by her), and grow her practice.


Stop living by default and start defining what a great life and practice means for YOU.