Hi Tom,

Since tomorrow’s call is about evaluation, I thought I’d give you a practice performance update here.

Our 2019 1st Quarter’s production was 56% higher than 1st Q 2018!  Thank you, Tom. Also, Q1 of 2019 was only 6% shy of our highest Q (Q4 2018). And we did it with 2 docs instead of 3! My docs are rocking.

Q1 2019 was our second highest collection quarter ever. (Q4 with 3 docs was 12% higher, but we are on strong growth curve right now).

We hired a new Chiro assistant, Maddie, who starts today.  We’re really excited about her. She has solid work ethic, loves the chiro culture and has great leadership/management qualities. She could be the one we groom for being Ulyssa v.2.

The Carlton house is complete and I can now focus more energy on BLIS, new doctor, honing Assessment outcomes, etc.

Ulyssa and I are excited about North Bay trip.  Just waiting for the final dates.

On another fun note….For two and half years, Ulyssa and I had been on Southwest Airlines “companion fare” program. Every time I flew on Southwest Airlines, Ulyssa could fly with me for free. Unlimited flights. Basically you had to accumulate 110,000 points in one year (either by flying or using their credit card – 1 point per dollar spent).  Sadly, our companion fare ended in December of 2018.  In order to qualify, I had to earn another 110,000 points. Using my powers of intention, I grabbed one of their new credit cards which had a promotional 60,000 points and began using it for all my purchases. In about 2 months, we qualified again! Ulyssa gets to fly free with me for the rest of this year and all of next year!!!  How cool is that?

I look forward to our call tomorrow and another amazing year of growth, both personal and business and growing with you to the next level of coaching.  You’re an amazing coach and I am very grateful for our partnership.

~ Jonathan