What’s your love language and how can knowing that improve your relationship? Recently, my wife and I have been doing couples night out as well as dates during the day. I’ve found that by spending time doing what we love together, our bond grows stronger.

For us, a sport or exercise date has helped us fulfill our love languages. We enjoy going cross-country skiing, which we can do very close to our house. Going out and doing something active is perfect for us because we both love adventure and being outdoors.

Your ideal couples night out might be something totally different. It all depends on your love language. In Gary Chapman’s book, “The Five Love Languages,” he defines five separate categories of things that people value differently. I tend to value spending quality time with others so going out with my wife is the perfect way for me to fulfill that language.

What’s your love language? Do you enjoy when someone helps you with something? Do you value gifts? These are all different ways of expressing affection and everyone is different.

Once you start going on regular dates with your partner, I think you’ll start to notice benefits in your relationship whether it be communication, trust, or understanding.

We choose to be active for our dates but you can choose to do any activity that you and your partner enjoy. Maybe you love to read. Perhaps you like to play games. Find out what you enjoy doing together and start doing that thing regularly as a couples night out.

So, what’s your love language? And how are you going to express that through dates? Talk to your partner. The sky’s the limit.