Coach Jay is at it again with some Full Circle Wisdom about time and how to structure your day to save time and possibly even some money!

There is nothing better than having a day that is scheduled in a manner that it creates an energetic flow.

Proper scheduling and cluster booking similar events together can make the difference between a crazy day at the office where you feel pulled in all directions and a day full of beautiful flow that will help you and your staff feel less tired at the end of the day.

As an example, even a simple thing like cluster booking children’s adjustments at the same hour chunk (not that you would prohibit other times) can create some fun energy flow in the office, that will also let like minded families get together.

If you have a tv in the waiting area, that would be the hour that some cartoons that would be age appropriate can could go on, or special books pulled out for reading hour, or even a special craft box comes out for a quick and easy craft to keep them busy while the rest of the family gets adjusted.

There’s lots of ideas for structuring your schedule that can make a huge difference to your office flow, which will extend to your life outside the office and the energy you bring to it.

If you’re finding your days are pulling you everywhere and you need help with structuring schedules and more, please don’t go another day without Full Circle Coaching and Consulting helping and cheering you on!


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