I have yet to meet a single person who walks the planet who hasn’t hunched over at some point under the weight of the voices in their head that tells them “You are not enough”.

Varying circumstances can create that negative inner voice but what’s worse is that we often get to the point that we believe it.

No matter the education or position in life, most of us deal with that voice and lose sight of our own value and what we are each capable of, and weirdly, there is an excellent reason for it…. Safety!

Our brains are hardwired to keep us safe. It used to come in quite handy in ancient times when we needed to escape being eaten by a saber tooth tiger. We’d get that sensation of intuition and alarm bells would go off in our head to look for the point of danger so we could escape it and thereby keep our lives.

Today in our technological, data driven, social media heavy culture, combined with the weight of our unique family dynamics and life experiences, the neurological input can be relentless and set off those survival alarm bells on a regular basis. It paralyzes us and makes us useless to even attempt to take a perceived risk and jump into what is likely going to be an experience that will facilitate personal growth and catapult us into the bigger and better life we are craving.

So, what can we do to change?

We need to believe something different about ourselves.

We need to recognize those little voices in our heads for  what they are. Little safety mechanisms that are built in but do not need to be listened too. We can change the language the system is using. I am enough. I can figure this out. I am worthy of trying a new path.

You have a choice between the safe path (life as you know it) and the perceived not so safe path (life as it could be).

The only difference between the two paths is what you believe to be true about each of them.

The first you perceive as safe, because you already know it and can anticipate the outcome. And the not so safe path is only that because you are listening to the well-conditioned voices that are telling you that you will fail, that you can’t do it, that you don’t know what the outcome will be. But the only truth here is that because you BELIEVE it, it will most likely be true.

There are lots of roads and highways on a map, and you certainly haven’t been down every one of them. That doesn’t make the untraveled roads unsafe, they are just untraveled.

Think for a moment what would happen if you chose to BELIEVE that the perceived not so safe path was just untraveled.

If there is possible failure at the end of that road, that it’s only a lesson to be learned to redirect you down another road. Failure is after all, only lessons.

When you view paths as untraveled and failure as lessons, suddenly the whole world opens and the untraveled paths seem a little more exciting and full of possibility, quieting the negative inner voice.

It only takes a step to start.

Which road will you take?


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