These days, positive thinking can be a challenge. With so much negative information coming in through the news, the importance of attitude is more clear than ever. Personally, I’ve stayed away from news broadcasts for many years now, because I want to be able to control what goes into my mind. When you don’t have a handle on your thoughts and attitude, it can affect your whole life.

There’s a quote by Jim Rohr that sums this up well:

“Every day, stand guard at the door of your mind.”

What this means to me, is that every day you have a chance to control what you think about. Sure, you could follow every latest piece of news; you could surround yourself with people who complain or put others down; however, your choices will ultimately influence your thoughts and feelings.

Cultivating positive thoughts that will help you to grow is a skill that anyone can learn. But positive thinking takes practice. Once you recognize the importance of attitude in your daily life and how your thoughts play into it, you’ll be able to guide yourself towards the things you truly desire.

That’s what it means to “stand guard at the door of your mind.” It’s up to you to choose what and who your influences are. They say that you’re a byproduct of the five people you spend the most time with. What kind of people do you associate with? Do they provide you with energy and inspiration? Or do they bring you down and dampen your enthusiasm?

Keep in mind the importance of attitude as you go about your daily life. How can you change your habits to make positive thinking come naturally? The better the quality of your thoughts, the better your life will be.

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