Idea Sex: It’s best first thing in the morning to start the entrepreneurial brain


“When you’re green, you are growing, once you’re ripe, you’re rotting”  

Ever heard this quote before?  Yeah, me too.  I had heard the quote before but had no idea it was attributed to a guy named Ray Kroc.  At the risk of looking ignorant or dating myself, I admit I had little recollection of his name before.  

Insert Dr Google here.  Turns out our guy Ray Kroc was one innovative and driven dude.  Born in 1902 he was a salesman who happened to meet 2 guys with the last name McDonald.  As business partners these 3 guys built the massive fast food chain giant “McDonald’s.”

Now I am no fan of McDonald’s (MCD) food, but what I am a fan of is that they have had a very successful business model that has run for a long time..  The MCD business successes are in large part due to Ray Kroc who bought out the McDonald brothers and made one innovation after another to streamline and essentially invent the franchise model.

Many of his ideas are still being used to this day, not just in MCD, but across the world.  Kroc believed that “the quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves” and clearly that standard was in innovation and new ideas.

So you sit here thinking, “that’s great Coach Jay, but I don’t have any ideas. However  I do have some sweat and hard work to put forth.  

Insert “idea sex”

The mind is like a muscle and if you don’t work it out it becomes weak and flimsy.  The more you stretch and tear a muscle, the more likely it is to strengthen and become stronger.  Same with the mind.  The mind does NOT want to be placed in front of the TV, the microwave or the computer to troll Facebook, it likes to be tested and challenged. But lately, we tend to rely on Google or Siri to answer our questions  before using our minds.

Instead use your computer to write down ideas.  Start today with the first step: Make a commitment to write down 10 ideas a day.  When you write down 10 ideas a day you can get those creative juices flowing.  Try it now.  

  • Write down 10 ideas for your business to market on Facebook.  
  • Or 10 ways to reach more people on YouTube.  
  • How about 10 ideas for blog posts for your website?  
  • 10 ideas for a book is always a great start.  
  • 10 ideas for a vacation
  • or 10 ways to bonus the staff for Valentine’s day.  

The list is never ending.

The second step is to not hold back.  Your ideas will largely stink.  And that’s great!! You are in the groove! The strategy is that if you do this for one day after another, the ideas start having sex and having some offspring!  Yes it’s very possible you will  have an ugly dog/llama thing come out of your ideas.  But you are also equally likely to eventually get a beautiful litter of ideas to come out of all those ideas loving on one another!

(not all ideas are created equal, but when you get a litter of winners, wow!)

The third step is to do it early in the morning.  The mornings are when the brain is fresh and creative.  Resist the urge to check your email.  There is nothing in there that can’t wait for you to get your brain ideas out.  So get them rolling, ideally right after a 10-20 minute meditation or morning routine.

The fourth and final step is to do it every morning for 60 days!  Why 60 days?  Because when you routinely do things for 60 days in a row they no longer need to be thought about consciously.  Instead they become part of who you are and part of your daily routine.  It will be as natural as making a pot of coffee or eating breakfast.  

The whole routine should take you 10 minutes, max.  and as you do it more frequently, then it will become easier and quicker.  If nothing else, you will be more alert and more conscious about your routines and will have taken the first step to winning the day

The idea for idea sex started with two books I read by James Altucher.  In his book he states that a similar practice for him netted him millions of dollars in deals with Google and Amazon as well as ideas for startups and businesses he was already in.  The guy is no genius, and his writing reflects that.  But what he does is let ideas flirt and go all the way, everyday, toward fulfilling their mission!

Let today be your first step in achieving your life’s mission.  Do you have a yearning to be a more effective and authentic entrepreneur?  Start today with reading “15 ways to be creatively inspired” and then start having incredible idea sex.

Guest Written By: Dr. Jay Breitlow- Full Circle Associate Coach

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