When you feel overwhelmed by life, it’s important to pay attention to the signs that the universe is setting out for you. Learning how to stay grounded when things around you are chaotic, will help you to lead your team and your family through challenging times.

The reason I’ve been thinking about these things is that with the pandemic going on, I’ve been feeling a bit down, a bit defeatist, which is rare for me. I’ve been consuming too much social media and news in an attempt to stay abreast of all the latest changes. However, this overexposure to stressful information has left me needing something more.

One of the guiding forces in my life is the wisdom of the universe, which for me is visible in nature. It’s one of the ways I’ve learned how to stay grounded. So, I decided to go on a walkabout in the woods.

On my walkabout, I decided to pay attention to the signs around me. One of the first things I saw was a small group of deer. A deer in the native world means that it’s time to be gentle with yourself and go inside. I took this as a sign of affirmation.

I also came across a chipmunk and I felt that he was directing me toward a certain direction. When I went that way, I came across a sign on a tree that said, “Buck.” I had been looking for deer sheds, or buck antler sheds, and so this literal sign seemed, again, to be some sort of affirmation.

Learning how to stay grounded during tumultuous times is a skill that many of us lack. However, if you can pay attention to the signs around you, your path will be much more clear.