Anything you are currently seeking in life, right now, is in the hands of another person. If you are looking to grow your wealth through your practice, the income flows from the pockets of others as you trade your service. If you are in the market for a new car, that too, will be coming from the owner of the vehicle that you desire. So if we can eliminate all factors and make this a generic example, we come down to one thing: we need to be better at dealing with other human beings.

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We live in a transparent, social world where impression means everything to get and retain business. Our reputation is on the line everyday as studies show 95% of people are likely to share a bad experience with 54% of them sharing it more than 5 times. Your Yelp, Google Business page, and other social sites are vulnerable to anyone who wants to share their experience, meaning you MUST be doing everything in our power to convey the best impression on our clients and members.

Here are the top 3 ways that we can ensure we are making the best impression possible:


Just as you are reading and analyzing the words in this article, the experts, the ones who are in the top 1% of the top 1%, can read people in the same way. They are the master communicators and influencers as they can target their communication styles and persuasion to each human being, knowing them in their unique way.

The true leaders in the any space are the ones that can make you feel like the most important person in the room. They can act authoritative and yet still convey trust and warmth. But what does this have to do with you?

The ability to communicate in a way that matches another’s values can make you much more successful in your small business from the first impression, to the follow up visits, and the communication in between. Imagine being able to fully lock your message into the minds of other people so they fully get your mission. This alone will keep them coming back.

Olivia Fox Cabane illustrates how to use communication styles in her book “The Charisma Myth”, which can teach you how and when to use an authoritative presence and when warmth is needed.



The words you use and the way you hold yourself can be one of the most powerful ways to convey trust in a new encounter. For instance, the LEGO store in California has a policy that the employees must always use an open palm when giving direction, as an open hand is welcoming and portrays vulnerability.

The feet also serve as a reflection of one’s attitude. When you are fully present and engaged in conversation, your feet naturally tend to face the direction of your focus. When disengaged in conversation, your feet will naturally point elsewhere.

Posture is important as well. Hold yourself in a confident posture but keep your hands visible and open rather than hidden in pockets. Body language is a powerful indicator of trust as the words you use in communicating only account for 7% of the message they’re receiving . Be conscious of where your presence lies with your clients and keep your body open and feet pointed towards the conversation.

Business Insider shares 18 phrases you can use to convey trust in business.



Steve Jobs said that Passion can change the world, which has been proven by some of the world’s most enthusiastic leaders such as Elon Musk, Larry Page, Tony Robbins etc.Showing excitement makes other people like you.

Test this theory out with a simple challenge: The next time you are meeting up someone, as you walk up to their presence say hello in a very calm demeanour with little passion. See how they respond. Then next time, say hello with a LOT of passion and enthusiasm and see how their response matches yours.

This works in most areas of life. If you meet your day with passion, and keep your vision thrusting toward your dreams, just watch how the universe conspires to match your level of passion.

Remember, in this era, communication is not just a face to face encounter; it is everything from the way your website conveys your business message to the posts put onto your Facebook page. You need to make sure everything under the umbrella of your brand is consistent with the messaging.

If you feel like you’re in your own way, blocking your ability to express your love and authenticity to the world – your patients, your family, and even yourself – join us at the next Awakening Your Authentic Self Retreat.

“It has been 2 years since I attended “Awakening Your Authentic SelfRemember the Sacred Source” retreat.  It is difficult to put into words the depth of which my experience there has touched and continues to touch my life.  Often I look back upon the changes that have occurred in my life since the retreat and realize later that it was my experience there that allowed the changes to happen.  


While attending the retreat I was surrounded by men and women who accepted me without judgment and surrounded me with love, allowing a more authentic version of myself to be present for the weekend.  Barriers around me started to come down just by being in their presence.  By the end of the weekend I began to see myself in a different light.  


As time passes, I notice I am able to honour myself more, meaning I am holding myself in higher regard.  I am able to make and keep commitments to myself more easily.  I am more at peace, which in turn means my home life is more peaceful.  I am nicer to myself, my family and my children.  


I am grateful that I took the time away so that I could be a better mom, a better chiropractor, and a better person to myself and others.


I am grateful for the love and acceptance of the men and women at the retreat.  If I thanked them a million times, it still wouldn’t be enough.


Thank you!”


-Vanessa Reynolds