As the global pandemic starts to wind down and you start to ramp up your business, it is important to announce to your tribe that this is occurring.

To help you out with this task we have written a templated letter that you can send out via email, text, social media or snail mail.

We feel the wording and vibe that is the most important to convey is one of safety for them. You will notice we focused largely on that in the letter.

We feel the “optics” of how people perceive what you are doing in your office to comply with government regulations and/or prevent them and their families from getting the infectious agent is the key. Frightened people will not come in or if they do come in they will not come back.

Like many of you we have spoken to privately, we don’t agree with all of the government and regulatory bodies rules that we are all being forced to live with but ……… they are important to many people that are paying clients in your office so we need to meet them where they are at and help them feel physically, emotionally and psychologically safe.

For clarity this is a template so please feel free to modify it anyway you see fit > click here to download the template.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

Authentically yours

Dr. Tom and the Full Circle Team.