“Honestly doc I will rent that old couch that is on the scrap pile for 


$500 if you just leave me and the Mrs. alone for an hour!” he stated with the look of a testosterone laden teenage boy on his face despite being 35 years old.

{We had been in process on the deck of my water front Lodge for our Ontario Retreat for just over a day and the hormones were already about to spill out of this man}

“Nope sorry” I stated emphatically. “A rule is a rule and you committed to no intimacy until AFTER the weekend so ……… sorry you will just have to wait.”

“You have got to be kidding me” he pleaded “my wife has not looked at me with smouldering eyes like that since we were dating. Are you sure? What if I went to $1,000?” he begged.

“Quite sure my friend” I asserted “Trust me, if you think the attraction is strong now, we are only part way through the weekend. Wait until you get home Sunday night.”

“What the heck is going on here anyway?” the participant asked.

It is really quite elementary my dear Watson” I chided. “Part of the reason you and your wife connected in the first place is because of the LAW OF POLARITY. The law of polarity in relationships is just as real as the law of polarity in magnets or the law of gravity. If you put the positive end of a magnet close to the negative end of another magnet they are going to connect unless you assert a force to stop it or put some crap between them. Same thing as you and your wife. You exert a strong masculine energy like the positive pole on a magnet and she exerts a strong feminine energy like the negative pole on a magnet.”

“Are you saying women are negatively charged?” he questioned with a smirk.

“No not at all. Particularly in the context you are thinking” I laughed. “But in some ways that becomes very true relative to the polarity of the relationship if you allow a bunch of stuff (stress, unresolved issues, overwhelm, lack of attention, letting yourself go physically or mentally) to get between your heart and hers. I am sure most men have experienced the “negative pole” of their divinely feminine partners scorn by sleeping on the couch for doing or saying some dumb thing or other.”

“You can say that again brother” he said with a far away look in his eyes.

So what has been “going on” since you two arrived at the couples retreat Ontario is we have been working at breaking down and releasing the crap that you two had built up between you. That has allowed the polarity to be revealed and you have that strong emotional and physical urge to connect in as intimate a way as possible.”

“You can say that again doc. You sure you won’t take $500 for an hour of rental on that old couch?” he once again pleaded.

“No” I said with a laugh. “I owe it to you and your lovely spouse to allow the polarity and the love to grow and build over the whole retreat experience so that the magic of the connection you once felt will be restored… and then some.”

“Well I guess I am going to have to trust you” he said as he walked back to the circle of couples. “But if we disappear for fifteen minutes …… you will know where we are.” he said with a mischievous laugh.

“You sure you are going to need 15 minutes?” I said with a grin.

“At that point I don’t think either one of us are going to care” he said with a wry smile as we both rejoined the rest of the group at Couples the Retreat Ontario.

What is amazing is this story is not only true, but it is also common at a couples retreat. We have seen some impressive turnarounds on relationships that are lasting still to this day.

“We almost didn’t even make it as a couple, we were going to split up before retreat.

We got over our crap with ourselves which helped save our relationship;

and we got married only weeks after retreat.

-Jay & Christina Breitlow

Why not take this short quiz to see if the polarity is getting depolarized in your relationship. We would love to have you and your significant other regain the joy and harmony of a loving high polarity relationship by joining us at a Couple’s Retreat in Ontario this year.

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