What if you could grow your chiropractic practice from the table, so you can attract more patients without doing any marketing?

What if you could have your patients generating more patients FOR you?

You don’t need to spend money on advertising in order to attract more patients and grow your practice.

We actually believe you will waste your time and your money by marketing before clearing your “Practice Plateau”.

Here’s Coach Jay’s approach to attracting more patients on a budget, simply by increasing your Google reviews.

Coach Jay’s secret to keeping practice full with very little “traditional chiropractic marketing” involved is…


By Having The Most Google Reviews

He commonly has patients say they found him, and chose him, by Googling “Longmont Chiropractor” and seeing how many great reviews he has.

Here are the 3 steps inside his Secret Sauce to owning Google Reviews in his local community:


1) Make It Easy & Memorable

He’s created a print out that he hands out to his patients when asking them for a review.

This serves two purposes:

  1. They get a walk-through on HOW to access Google’s review section 
  2. They have something tangible that will trigger a reminder when they get home

If you want his templates, just shoot an email to admin@fullcirclecoachingandconsulting.com and we can set you up.

So how do you get it into their hands in the first place?


2) Create A System To Ask From The Table

They have a system in the office where they add a reminder to the patient files so he knows to ask when they come in that day.

Here’s the framework for the “Ask System” you can implement in your chiropractic marketing:

  1. Start by reminding them of the progress you’ve made together so the patient is thinking about how much you’ve helped them
  2. Ask them to do you a simple favor, people inherently love to help others 
  3. Tell them you want others in the community to see what kind of magic is possible through your services and if they wouldn’t mind sharing their experience
  4. Tell them you would love if they left a 5-star review, and if they don’t believe you’ve earned that, then you’d love to know how you could make it a 5-star experience for them  
  5. Tell them what will happen next (Ex. you’ll get something from the front desk that will show you exactly what to do)
  6. Remind them that you would love for them to share why they came to you in the first place, and what they’ve experienced
  7. Then thank them for being amazing patients 

These two “marketing systems”, if we can call them that, have earned New Leaf Chiropractic top placement upon my search for “Longmont Co Chiropractor”:

You can see they have over 100 more reviews than the other two listings that appeared in the Google Snippet.

When we see this in our search for a good chiropractor, our mind translates this to them being the best in the city.

So out-review your competitors!

Now there’s one last piece of this “patient attraction marketing”…


3) Get Your Reviews On Your Testimonials Page:

They’ve made the Testimonials page on their website just a bunch of screenshots of their Google Reviews.

This way it doesn’t look like they made up their testimonials, AND it borrows credibility from a 3rd party (Google) so it’s like Google is being their hype man rather than them talking about themselves.

Create a system with your chiropractic assistants that each time you get a new review, to take a screenshot of it and paste it on your testimonials page.


And that’s it!

That’s Coach Jay’s secret to marketing his practice these days.

… and it works!

So make sure you go check how many reviews you have compared to the other chiropractors in your city!

– – –

P.S. Jay doesn’t do much marketing anymore. However, he loved using Lunch and Learns to build his patient volume. We’ve turned his Lunch and Learn systems and scripts into a download for you. So if you want to close a bunch of new patients in a 1 hour presentation, go check out Jay’s Lunch and Learn Checklist here

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Now If You Just HATE Marketing…

Then you’re in the right place.

We believe most docs aren’t ready to add more new patients to their practice because they will just lose the same amount they’ve gained.

It’s called the Practice Plateau.

And if you keep hitting the same patient and revenue numbers, month after month, then you have symptoms of the Practice Plateau.

In this case, it’s YOU that’s the interference to growth.

… not marketing.

… not scripts.

… not systems.

You don’t need to add anything to your practice… you need to remove your interferences.

The interferences that limit your expression, your income, your enjoyment, and keep you doing what you believe you “should be” doing instead of being yourself and loving your practice.

Once we remove that, your glass ceiling becomes your new floor.

That’s when Charles 70 patients per week became 120 patients per week… 70 went from his max to his new low.

I’d love to give you the answers you need to remove your interferences, but it’s different and unique to everyone.

Everyone has a unique practice style, unique lifestyle, unique goals, and unique baggage that is holding them back.

What we can do for you is to get on a Practice Growth Strategy Session to take a look at your symptoms and give you a report of findings, which we call our Practice From Within Blueprint to grow your practice while working less exhausting hours.

Just click the link below to remove your interferences to growth…

Yes, I want to grow my practice.