Listen, I get it: For many business owners, especially those in the healthcare world, marketing and sales, bring to mind the idea of shady used car salespeople.

But that’s not what marketing is at all; in fact, marketing is a necessary step in growing your business. A good marketing plan allows your practice to reach (and help) more people, so it should be one of the most significant parts of your priority list.

And there are a vast amount of ways that you can market your business as well. So in this video, I talk about some ways you can improve your practice’s marketing and reach more people.

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  1. Remove the focus blocks that stop you from getting traction on new patient growth.
  2. Create a Business Lifestyle Intention Sheet that will allow you to reverse engineer the exact amount of money you need to make, the exact amount of patients you need to see and start to reduce the gap on your dream lifestyle. (not a cookie cutter method).
  3. Create a plan to reduce your hours by 33% so you can commit to yourself, your hobbies and your family again without sacrificing revenues.
    Show you the systems you need in your practice that will allow you to raise your prices and grow your profit margins by over 25%.