My entrance into the world of chiropractic was a slightly unusual one.

I was a young waitress at the local Kelsey’s slinging beer and wings and fighting off the advances of men just released from the prison across the street. I was one of the first women they’d seen in God knows how long and it was the first of many beers to celebrate freedom. It was a crazy busy place to work and by the end of my foray there, I could wait on up to 12+ tables but frankly it was tough, tiring work, and more than not, thankless.

And so I quit! I had heard of a job available at a local chiropractor’s through a friend and so I called. Susan answered. She was the Chiropractor’s wife who ran the office and she was fully delighted at the fact that I could manage that many tables at once. “The ability to multi task and wait on tables will serve you well here!” she said, and she hired me on the spot, over the phone.

I had zero idea what chiropractors did other than they did something with spines. I don’t recall too much of the first weeks in that office, likely because there was a lot to absorb,  but I do remember seeing someone have their neck adjusted. I thought I would faint, but I was equally fascinated.

Then I went under care. Which was a great thing, because when I had a car accident the following year it was completely natural at that point to head to my boss to be adjusted and start the healing process through chiropractic.

That was the first of a few chiropractic offices that I have worked in over the last 25 years.

I didn’t even know what a subluxation was at the beginning but I have come a long way since.

There is something fantastic about working in an environment where people come together to be healed of a multitude of ailments and pains and see the miracles that occur. The love in these offices, for the Practice Members, for each other as colleagues, for this modality of healing and releasing life force, makes for an incredible work environment.

I still remember seeing a very new baby within the first weeks of his life, and who was struggling to survive. He wasn’t able to eat much, was colicky and when he did manage to get milk in, would projectile vomit. He was failing to thrive. He came into the office with his mother. All bundled up and fragile, she unwrapped him and laid him on her chest while she laid down on the table. Her face was strained and exhausted and the worry was palpable. The DC did some very light adjustments on the wee boy, and patted him and reassured the mother as they were sent on their way.

The news the next morning came by way of a phone call of a delighted relieved mother whose little one had consumed his first 4 ounces fully without vomiting.

She was in tears as she relayed the news, full of hope for her child’s return to health.

Sleeping Baby balance on an arm

Sleeping relaxed baby

The number of miracles I have seen are probably more than the average office person. If you are a new CA, welcome to the world of Chiropractic, it’s a course in miracles if there ever was one. It’s a love affair that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. If you are a long time CA, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 


If you are new or relatively new to chiropractic as a CA, don’t think for a moment you are just a glorified Front Desk person or a Receptionist. You have the opportunity, as a Chiropractic Assistant, to care for and love the Practice Members in a way that will help them on their journey to health and wellness. If you want to become a Rockstar CA, the check us out here and let your DC know you are ready to upgrade your skills and the energy you bring to the table.


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