A lot of docs are running around from morning until night without actually creating more growth, more revenue and more new patients in their practice.

They want to make more money to create leverage and justify taking more time off, but the practice is attracting the same patient volume month after month.

If that’s your current reality, the problem here is that you’re full.

There’s no bandwidth to allow more new patients to come in if you’re already using up all of your time.

Imagine trying to pour more water into a glass that’s already full. The existing water would overflow out the glass. You would need to create the space to hold more water.

In order to grow you must make space for new patients to show up.

We’re going to show you how to create more bandwidth to allow more new patients to magically show up so you can start to actually grow your practice.

Bandwidth Builder #1:

If you want to add 5 new patients per week, make sure you have dedicated time slots for 5 new patients in your schedule.

Block it off and make the space for people to show up.

Bandwidth Builder #2:

If you want to add 5 new patients per week, make sure you have 5 new patient files available.

Create the vacuum.

We had a chiropractic client who always seemed to attract 2 new patients per week. “Ironically” they always had 2 new patient files ready each week.

Bandwidth Builder #3:

Make sure you create space for yourself.

If you’re not giving to yourself, you’re giving from nothing. It’s a disservice to your patients, your loved ones and all those you interact with.

Start your day by “filling your well” so you have more bandwidth to give and attract more of what you want.

This could be meditation, journalling, going for a run, or whatever works for you. As long as it feeds the soul.

Commonly docs reach out to us for help because they’re burnt out from giving all day and they just don’t know how to love their practice and allow it to fund their dreams.

When Dr. Brandy came to us, she had just had her Associate Chiropractor pick up and leave to setup down the street after a $100,000 practice expansion to make the space for her.

She was left with big debt, frustration, and one less practicing doc to handle all her patients. She was busy. She was full. She was burnt out.

While most people tend to focus on putting in more time, we got her to take an extra day off adjusting and move all her patients into 4 days of the week.

This allowed her a full day to work ON the business rather than IN it.

This allowed her more bandwidth for herself.

This allowed her to feel excitement and hope, while making space for growth.

Which allowed her to double her PVA (and revenue) in only 3 months.

– – –

Einstein said you can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

That’s why it’s so hard to know what to do to grow your practice, create fulfillment, and design your life all by yourself.

We have a plan to help you with this.

grow chiropractic office
Let’s create your Blueprint.

It’s called the Practice From Within Blueprint.

The problem is, we all define success differently so each doc’s Blueprint and road to success is very different.

If you’re ready to stop trying to do it all on your own, end the burnout, and enjoy your practice again because it’s allowing you to fund an intentionally designed life, then book a call and let’s talk about what your Blueprint might look like.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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