The Looking-Glass Mirror Universal Theory:

The unequivocal truth is that there is no more important relationship you have in your life than the one you have with yourself. Every other relationship you have in life is a reflection of the relationship with yourself.

Today’s topic is about the relationship you have with your team members, the people who work with you day in and day out in the trenches and help you grow your practice. They also help you expand and accomplish your mission and purpose in your business life.

We’re going to cover five very important constructs that will help harmonize and optimize the relationship you have with your chiropractic assistants…


1. Create An Outcomes Assessment

Create an outcomes assessment for every role on the team. This is not the old-fashioned thought process of job responsibilities! This is creating outcomes.

People inherently want to do a great job but most business owners are not good at telling people clearly how to be great at their job!

An outcomes assessment will let people know exactly what outcomes they need to achieve. It’s not a recipe for how to do the job it’s creating the outcome so the worker can bring their own personality to the role. It’s easier to train when you can see if they are or not hitting these outcomes.


2. Train

Train and never ever ever ever stop training!

I don’t care if somebody’s worked with you for 45 years! Training never ends.

The second law of thermodynamics called Entropy states that organized systems tend to go to their least organized state when left to their own accord.

What do you train on?

You train on your outcomes assessments and the outcomes you want achieved!

You can prioritize the outcomes assessments as these are the things that need to be trained in the first weeks, then months and so on. This can be a great way to create a structure and chiropractic assistant training manual for your business. Once you have a prioritized list – make a schedule! This will keep you and your team on track.

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Find out how your CA(s) are performing at their role.

Take the Chiropractic Assistant Performance Quiz and see if yours is a ROCKSTAR!

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3. Dealing With Accountability

My mentor taught me that you can’t have accountability if you don’t have an agreement. How do you have agreements about what outcomes are to be achieved and how to be great if you haven’t first created the outcomes assessment!

In order to hold people accountable on a day by day basis at the end of a shift, go over the day and course-correct team members. Point out the things or items where they have fallen short based upon the outcomes assessments that you both agreed upon.

Keep up on quarterly performance reviews in order to ensure that you’re challenging and supporting your team to be the best version of themselves!

Remember people want to do a great job! Give them the tools, feedback and accountability to make that happen!

4. Compensation

If you pay peanuts you’re going to attract monkeys! It’s the oldest rule of entrepreneurship.

You want to be compensating people fairly for the service that they provide and the value they bring to the company.

It drives me crazy when people say “Hey! I gave Bess another raise.” For what!! Because she’s been here another year??

Why are you compensating people for being another year older?? This is not wise! However, if they are adding more value and thus creating more revenue as a result that’s a different conversation.

Hourly wages are a common way to compensate people but I think it’s a terrible idea! It may be appropriate in the early stages of the relationship once they pass probation – but why would you compensate someone for being slow and mediocre?

Think about the psychology of hourly wages! The slower and longer they take to do something, the more they make!

Get people to a salary situation or percentage of revenue once they have proven their value.


5. Gratitude

How often do you express gratitude to your team members for what they do? For showing up daily and fighting with you to achieve your goals?

This used to be one of my weak spots in business and is something I continue to work on. I didn’t hear a lot of gratitude when I was a kid. I didn’t hear how talented I was or how I could do anything I put my mind to.

This has helped me become who I am today but as a result of not seeing that behaviour, I didn’t do it with my team. I literally had to write a note on the top of my day sheets to remind my CAs how much I appreciate them.

Did I express appreciation today?
Did I give that gratitude they deserve?

If you haven’t done a cost analysis to see how much money they make you every day you need to be doing that little piece. Just look at how much they cost you and how much more revenue you can create with them versus how much you would make if you did it all on your own.


Remember, the most important relationship you have is with yourself! However, a very important relationship in order to have an amazing business that is ideal and authentic is with your team members.


Look at the five steps we just outlined and start improving your team member relationships!


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Either they aren’t trained on the pieces that will directly improve your bottom line, or you’re not allowing them to express their full potential.

Find out for yourself!

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