Stop doing everything in your practice YOURSELF!

Finally! A hands on workshop that will help you create a well trained,

empowered and productive team!


April 26-27

Friday 10 am to 6:30 pm

Saturday 9 am to 4 pm


Toronto, ON

We will be at The Four Points Sheraton Toronto Airport,

6257 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E4


Limited to 70 People

We limit this event to 70 people. This is an exclusive, intimate experience for you. Save your seat!

What do almost all of us practice owners and healthcare entrepreneurs have in common?

While there are as many things we don’t have in common as we do, one thing we all have in common is we wish we could serve more people, make more money, spend more time with our families and NOT HAVE TO DO IT ALL OURSELVES!

In other words we wish we had a more committed, higher functioning team! A team we could delegate things so that things would actually get done, so we had less stress, more mental and time freedom and make more money!

Does this sound like you?

I know it sounds like me and even after 30+ years in business in the healthcare field I know there are still things I could improve with my recruiting, training, inspiring and delegating to a great team.

In this 2-day event discover the tools to create an empowered, well trained, inspired team that works with you instead of for you.  

What is another thing all of us practice owners and entrepreneurs have in common? We are strong, independent, self actualized people who have made it this far in life and business on our own blood, sweat and tears!


You really want to...

Serve humanity and your community at the highest level possible because you truly care about people!

Make a decent profit for that service and not be so stressed month in and month out about all of the costs of running your business and living your life!

Have a little more time off to enjoy your life and smell the freakin roses along the way.

Play with your kids more and have the time to enjoy your hobbies and sports without feeling guilty or worrying about the damn practice.

Truthfully you are a little tired and wonder why your team won’t help more. Why don’t they know what to do and just do it? Why do they need to be told every little thing?

You know they are amazing and talented but something just isn’t fully connected. There is stress and miscommunication in the office at times and you just know that is impacting the flow of people at the office and their desire to refer their friends and family.

Dr. Cassidy Preston - keynote speaker

Lead Sport & Performance Psychology Consultant

Dr. Cassidy Preston is the founder of Consistent Elite Performance and is a full-time Sport & Performance Psychology Consultant working with athletes, parents, teams, and businesses that range from professional to amateur levels. He is currently the Sport & Performance Psychology Coach with the York University Varsity Teams and is a Sport & Performance Psychology Professor at Humber College. 


Cassidy hails from North Bay, Ontario where he played minor hockey. In 2003 he was drafted in the 4th Round by the St. Michael’s Majors of the OHL. He went on to play 5 seasons of OHL/Jr. A Hockey between the St. Michael’s Majors/ St. Michael’s Buzzers. In 2006 he helped the Buzzers win the OPHJL championship. Before moving to University hockey he played professional hockey with the Muskegon Fury in the IHL in 2008. He finished his career with 5 years of CIS (now USPORT) varsity hockey between York University & the University of Toronto.

Since his playing career ended, Cassidy has stayed involved in hockey as a Head Coach and Technical Director with the AAA Richmond Hill Coyotes organization. He has also been the Owner and Head Instructor of Complete Hockey Training for 13 years.

You know what you want from your team,

but you just are not sure how to get it!

In this 2-day event discover the tools to create an empowered, well trained, inspired team that works with you instead of for you.  

Let’s face it most of us do not have a degree in Human Resource management. We graduated from University and got into practice and figured we needed some team members because that’s what most of the successful practice owners seem to do. 

So we stumbled through putting a goofy ad out and we hired our first team member. 

We had no training in how to write a proper contract …. 

In fact I know that many of you do not even have written contracts with your team …….. 

How to do effective meetings, how to delegate to create leverage and efficiency in the office, how to train, how to inspire …….

Damn when I think back on my early days I either want to laugh or cry because I have no idea how I stumbled along and got anywhere with my team :) :(. That is until I found one of the single greatest learning tools I have ever discovered ...... ACCELERATED LEARNING.

Let me share with you what I have learned about accelerated learning because there are many layers to this amazing tool.

If you read/hear/learn something passively from somewhere your retention rate and the possibility for growth is around 15 to 20%. Just think about how many speakers you have listened to that seemed to have good ideas. You try and implement them and things either shift for a little while and then go back to the way they were or just don’t change at all.

If you read/hear/listen to something and work with the information actively and write it down and talk to someone else about it your retention and the possibility for growth goes up to 45 to 60%. Much better but still pretty much a flip of a coin as to whether things are really going to change or not.

Now here is the magic. If you read/hear/listen to something and work with the information and write it down and talk to someone about it and do this in a fun interactive experiential learning environment your retention and the opportunity for growth skyrockets to 85 to 90%. PRACTICALLY GUARANTEED TO GROW AND CHANGE FOREVER.

I want this for you. Why you ask? Because I want you to have what I have gained.

An empowered, well trained, inspired team that works with you instead of for you.

You deserve a team that…


Accepts delegation with joy and clarity and pulls just as hard in the traces of the business (dog sled analogy for all of you non Northern folks) as you do.


Watches the expenses in the business and wants it be profitable.


Wants to make a great profit in your business because you provide an amazingly important service that really and truly makes a big difference in people’s lives.


Has got your back and cares about the business at least as much as you do.


Will kick your butt out the door and demand you take more time off because you deserve it and they will run it perfectly while you are gone.


Supports you fully so you can serve your community and humanity at the level you have always known you are capable of.

I want you to have the mental and literal freedom that you deserve. You have worked hard to get this far in life and business and deserve to reap the fruits of your labour.

Why  do I care so much for you and your team? Two simple reasons;

SIMPLE ……. Entrepreneurs and practice owners are the lifeblood of our culture. We are the base level of the economic engine in our society and when we are functioning at our peak our entire society and culture functions harmoniously and smoothly at its peak.

SIMPLE …. I care about people and have an intrinsic desire to share what I have learned so you don’t have to go through the pain, heartache and frustration that I have. Isn’t that part of the reason you practice? You want to share your gifts with humanity the same as I do.

We want you to grow and prosper with us at the Accelerated Team!

We want you at our Accelerated Team Mastery event on April 26th and 27th so badly we are even going to offer you an early bird discount.

You only have to invest $447 (a $100 savings to help pay for your travel expenses or some meals on the road) deadline is March 26th.

That is why I am inviting you to join us at our annual ACCELERATED TEAM MASTERY event.

In this fast paced, fun and inspiring live event we are going to help you solve some of the biggest challenges that are holding you and your team back:


Improve you and your team’s personal communication skills which means less errors in the office, more efficiency, more service and more profit.


Teams that play together stay together. Improved team dynamics means team members are happier so less team turnover, less stress for everyone and more profit for you.


We will expand you and the whole teams abundance consciousness which will drive the ability to receive through the roof and increased revenue will result from the increased service.


Enjoy a team that works with you instead of for you creating increased psychic ownership of the practice which brings new creative ways of doing things which equates to more service and more profit.


Take more time off. With an efficient focused team you get more worry free holidays since you know they can run the show when you are gone.


Get more done in less time with more effective and efficient meetings leaving you time to enjoy your family, hobbies and sports.


With the “secret sauce” of proper goal setting, delegation and accountability you will accomplish more in less time and have more fun doing it.


By enhancing their commitment quotient you have practice warriors instead of practice workers who will work harder and longer thus driving results and profits.


Enhancing your leadership skills decreases in office stress and miscommunication creating not only a fun place to work but a more efficient place that is more profitable.

If these sound like things you would love to have and accomplish in your business than join us with your team, in Toronto on April 26th and 27th. This is like no program you have ever been a part of.

Two days of a fantastic mix of solid learning skills and material in an atmosphere of fun and experiential learning as we use accelerated learning techniques to have you retain the most in the shortest period of time.

These are the same skills, strategies and materials we have been sharing with the thousands of private consulting clients, and their teams, we have served in the past 22 years to help them express more of their authentic greatness to the world.

You need to act fast thought because we only have 70 seats available for this exclusive program so you are not going to want to procrastinate on getting you and your teams seats.

The investment …. And for clarity this is an investment because as my mentor taught me an investment gives you a return for life whereas an expense gives you a one time return ….. Is only $547 for you and $247 for each of your team members.

In addition to the Live 2 Day Workshop, You Will Receive:

Private Reception ($97 Value)

Private reception at the end of day one where you can interact with other like minded practice owners and share best practices as well as what you are struggling with in a relaxed atmosphere. I personally take 50% of anything I get from a seminar out of the conversations at the bar and over dinner. This experience alone is worth the price of admission but we are conservatively valuing it at $97.


Free Lunch ($77 Value)

Two delicious and highly nutritious lunches so you don’t have to think about or stress over any details and you and your team can be fed and primed up for the fun and informative afternoon sessions. This is a $77 value just on the food alone forget not having to stress over where to go eat and can you get back to the event on time.


Coaching Team Meet & Greet (Priceless)

You will meet and greet our coaching team and pick our brains for how to customize the information you are integrating into your specific practice needs. At the risk of sounding biased because I love my coaching team so much ….. This is absolutely priceless and definitely worth the time, energy and money invested to get your team here.


You will meet and greet our amazing guest speaker,

Dr. Cassidy Preston PhD Sports Psychology.

He is one of the world’s foremost up and coming experts on team psychology (and I might proudly add my nephew) and what it takes to run an effective and inspired team in the 21st century. I guarantee you that his keynote presentation on Friday night on the 5 Functions of a Cohesive Team will BLOW YOUR MIND and take you and your team to the next level of function.

What Are Others Saying?

"I will start this personal recommendation off with WOW!!! I have been working with Dr. Tom Preston and Full Circle Coaching for approximately 4 months. I have had numerous business and chiropractic coaches over the years with mixed results.

First off, Dr. Tom’s approach to coaching is no joke. He took the time to find out a lot about me personally so he can determine who I was and where my heart was both personally and professionally. This level of personal insight is proving incredibly powerful in his approach to coaching me. While I’ve been in practice for 34 years, I have always been open to doing things smarter and better. Once Tom and I got to know each other, he gave me important projects to help me crystallize my Values and Goals and put me on a path to achieving them.

Tom’s approach requires work and time focusing on the deepest parts of WHY I am in practice and HOW to make my practice function in alignment with my values. Make no mistake, Dr. Tom doesn’t provide a glossed over version of coaching, he expects you to roll up your sleeves and get down to work.

In the last few years, I have hired 3 chiropractors to work my practice and I have found myself needing help transitioning from treating doctor to CEO of my practice I’ve been putting in the time to work his coaching and since he has become part of my team, we have significantly outperformed each of the past 2 quarters in business production and patient visits.

By working with Full Circle Coaching, I am on a steadily increasing path to realize not only my practice goals, but my personal goals as well. I also have Dr. Tom’s CA specialists training my CA team. My team has been learning a lot of very practical office procedures as well as gaining a deeper understanding of chiropractic philosophy. I am only 4 months into my work with Full Circle Coaching, but I now have a life time friend and mentor that will help me realize my professional and my personal goals and dreams.

Do not hesitate! Make time for a personal conversation with Dr. Tom. He is a fantastic coach, a truly rare gem and a wonderful soul of a person."

Dr. Jonathan Preiss

“Coaching with Full Circle for the past 18 months with our business team has been the best decision we have made in 14 years of practice.

As we wrap up our 18 month contract we reflect on our 37% growth in our business, better relationships with our partners and team, implementation of new systems to run a more efficient clinic, financial plan and goals set out for life/business, improved family life and relationship with spouse, more time off with no dip in billings, making dreams a reality – trip to Disney ROI = PRICELESS!”

Dr. Tara Price

In this 2-day event discover the tools to create an empowered, well trained, inspired team that works with you instead of for you.  

Register Now and receive these bonuses, BEFORE you get to the event!



Our head administrative trainer will do a mystery shopper call to your office and book an appointment as a new patient. She will call back the next day and cancel the appointment.

She has a proficiency checklist she uses to grade how well your front desk team is handling inbound calls and will share her report with you within a few days of the call. Wouldn’t you like to know whether you have an A+ member on the phone building your business vs a C- member who is turning away business?



Despite our best efforts practice members do fall through the cracks or leave for one reason or another. The question is not does this happen in your practice. The question is do you have an effective strategy and system for how to invite them to get back under care.

This white paper will show you step by step the best practices we have found in our combined 100 years of business experience (yep that is actually how long the combined team at Full Circle has been in active practice) to stop the outflow and increase the inflow of educated and excited practice members.



I have never met a person yet who does not want to be good at their role on the team. It is an Innate drive to want to do a good job.

However I have met a lot of practice owners who have been guilty of not telling their team how to be great at their role.

Gone are the days of job responsibilities and here to stay are OUTCOMES ASSESSMENTS that clearly state what outcomes must be accomplished in order to be great at the job. Use this template as a starting place to create your very own front desk outcomes assessment.


The combined value of these bonuses is exactly the same (OK you analyticals within a couple of dollars of the same) as the investment in this program so basically you are getting the program for FREE!

We want you at our Accelerated Team Mastery event on April 26th and 27th so badly we are even going to offer you an early bird discount.

You only have to invest $447 (a $100 savings to help pay for your travel expenses or some meals on the road) deadline is March 26th.

Summary of everything you will get at this workshop:

As soon as your registration is confirmed we will send you the outcomes assessment template and the Recall Strategy white paper that will highly likely put 10x more money in your practice then you will invest to join us in Toronto on April 26th and 27th.

Mystery Shopper Service ($197 value) to find out whether your front desk is building your practice or tearing it down. Our admin trainer will do her mystery shopper call and send you the report so you know if there is room for improvement in your front desk team members' ability to build your business. Her simple step by step report will be worth it’s weight in gold.

Dr. Cassidy's Keynote Presentation (priceless value) by up and coming sports psychology prodigy, Dr. Cassidy Preston on the 5 Functions of a Cohesive team

Outcomes Assessment Template ($197 value) for your front line team members so they know how to be great at their role on the team.

Private reception ($97 Value)

Lunch is included ($77 value) - Lunches to keep your energy high and make life simple.

Meet and Greet with the Coaching Team (priceless value)

How to do Effective Recalls White Paper ($97 value) which will streamline your recall procedure and put more profit in your pocket this year.

I look forward to seeing you at Accelerated Team Mastery in Toronto on April 26th and 27th.

In love of service


P.S. This event will sell out, so no hesitation here. It’s a no brainer to register you and your team for this workshop!

Ultimate Full Circle Consulting Guarantee

If at ANY time during the first day of the Accelerated Team Mastery event, you honestly believe you’ve made a mistake and this program isn’t for you, tell us and you will receive a full 100% refund, PLUS up to $250 toward your documented travel and lodging expenses. No questions asked.