There’s a strong chance that you’re only a few degree shifts away from exponential growth.

Think of a plane on route from LA to NY, a 3 degree shift of the nose at takeoff will land them in DC, over 2500km away from the target.

This is how many people approach their daily life.

They don’t focus on all 7 areas of their wheel and we become off balance….


It’s time to drop the transactional growth mindset and start digging towards a transformational growth mindset.

There is no difference between a 5% growth and a 500% growth in terms of how much energy is needed.


We just need to look at the foundation of the plan, make sure we are in balance, find the void and then create the strategy.

“To the degree that you can balance your wheel is to the degree that you can expand vibrationally, increase momentum in your life and grow EXPONENTIALLY.”– Coach Frazer



Here are the steps to grow monumentally with a short introspection and a proper plan:


FIRST: Rank yourself in terms of SUCCESS for each area of the wheel. (based on your own definition of success and no one else’s)


SECOND: What’s needed to move the needle to a 10 for every category?

Think of the habits that you can create.

More importantly, think about what is in your way. (usually its you)




The spoke of this client rested in spirituality and saw there was a huge lack. So we opened up 2 hours every morning to dedicate to spirituality in the morning. We just moved the hours of the business a bit to allow the morning routine.We balanced the spoke of the wheel and found balance.

This shift has allowed for monumental growth without a touch of marketing. (large increase in NP and retention in practice)

He’s still growing as his wheel is constantly moving more towards balance.


So now its your turn.

Follow Coach Frazer in the video and put the plan to action


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