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I know a lot of people hate doing this, but calling customers to remind them about their checkups – and essentially, you and your business – is an integral part of your marketing strategy.

However, when you do this, you’ll naturally run into objections. When this happens, it’s essential for you to have a valid response to this objection instead of just meekly saying “okay” and then putting the phone down. You need to have a response ready for them so that you can quell any doubts they might have.

Some of the main objections you’ll face will have to do with safety, comfort level, and finances. You probably already have the measures in place to handle these concerns, but making sure that you can communicate all of this properly is what counts.

If your client is concerned about COVID and the possibility of infection, reassure them that your employees are following proper safety measures, that you have sanitizing stations, and adequate ventilation.

If they’re concerned about finances, mention any payment plans or discounts that you might have. This is a tough financial year for a lot of people, so keep that in mind and don’t take the objections personally.

Another essential thing when calling customers is to make sure that you have some key information available, like their name, phone number, the date of their last appointment, their response for this current call, and the date of their next appointment. It’s all part of building client rapport and showing that you care.

This way, whoever is doing the calling can remind them that it’s been, let’s say, six months since their last appointment and that they’re due for another one soon.

Above all, though, you need to listen to them. Building a good client rapport, listening to their concerns, and paying attention to their needs is essential. Their objections are valid – it’s probably the same kind of objections that you would have, so the best thing to do would be to yourself in their shoes.