In life and business, things aren’t always going to go perfectly- In fact, most of the time things will be far from ideal. But that doesn’t mean we should give up.

Times like these are scary and hectic, but we’ve got one huge advantage on our side: human adaptability.

We were designed to be flexible and adaptable to our surroundings, and our business shouldn’t be any different. In this video, I talk about why your chiropractic business needs to be flexible and adaptable to thrive.

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  1. Remove the focus blocks that stop you from getting traction on new patient growth.
  2. Create a Business Lifestyle Intention Sheet that will allow you to reverse engineer the exact amount of money you need to make, the exact amount of patients you need to see and start to reduce the gap on your dream lifestyle. (not a cookie cutter method).
  3. Create a plan to reduce your hours by 33% so you can commit to yourself, your hobbies and your family again without sacrificing revenues.
    Show you the systems you need in your practice that will allow you to raise your prices and grow your profit margins by over 25%.