I’m excited to share my¬†Associate Doc Recruiting Program.

Thinking About Hiring a Chiropractic Associate?

I created a checklist of exercises, questionnaires, pertinent documents, contracts, and agreements needed when finding and vetting your chiropractic associate.

Without the right structures in place, you’re leaving yourself open to be walked all over – or having false expectations for your associate and scaring them out of your practice.

The lessons I learned from my hiring mistakes have served many clients over the last 20 years of coaching.

But now I’m opening this information up to you.

If you find great chiropractic talent, develop a strong relationship, and have the right agreements, structures, and rhythms in place then you’re sure to create a profitable long-term relationship.

Associates are your best form of leverage if you want to reduce your hours or take holidays, and they’re your best candidates for buying your practice when you plan on selling.

By the end of this course, you’ll know the perfect associate candidate when they present themselves, and you’ll have all the tools and knowledge you need to onboard them successfully.

Click here to grab the free Associate Doc Recruiting Program trial today to dip your toes in!