So many docs and business owners that I speak with tell me they are continually frustrated by incomplete projects, procrastination and just general lack of motivation to move forward in their lives and careers


Most people have copious “To Do” lists and work furiously trying to “knock things off” their lists without paying attention to whether the things on the list are truly the highest and best use of their time and moving them in the direction of their dreams!


They are just busy “being busy” buying into the common myth that the busier you are the more successful you will be!


My experience with “To Do” lists is that as things get “knocked off” the list, new things ALWAYS GET ADDED and the list gets longer!


The frustration grows, the mental self sabotage button gets pushed, procrastination sets in, projects don’t get completed and we have yet another reason to beat ourselves up! SOUND FAMILIAR?!





In this article, I want to share with you a different view of time management.


An inside-out view based on the BE/DO/HAVE paradox of life and time management and what that can teach us.


So let’s start at the beginning!


I contend that everything we HAVE in life is a byproduct of what we DO. Yet what we do in life is completely dictated by who we are (BE) or have become!


For example if you have become an athlete or someone who cares about their body then going to the gym to do a workout is just something that you do.


You don’t have to sit down and write out a doctoral dissertation to decide whether you should go to the gym, you just do it!!!!


While you exert energy in working out it doesn’t feel like “work” because it is who you are and therefore something that you do!


Contrast this to a couch potato who doesn’t care about their body and where going to the gym would be something they would associate with the pleasure of having a root canal without freezing!!!


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If they did get to the gym it would be a very effortful process and not a natural extension of who they are. It would very much feel like “work!”


What the two different people in the above example have is quite different as well. One has a fit body with lots of energy and strength to get through the day while the other one has an unfit, unhealthy body that can barely get through the day.


I guarantee you that the ripple effect of the be/do/have example above is seen in all of the other areas of the couch potatoes life and that all of the other areas of his/her life are being negatively affected as well.


With this understanding you can hopefully understand that the most important time you can spend in your week is working on who you are BECOMING (be).


This is because from this enhanced state of being the things you need to do to be successful (in your ideal) are just natural extensions of who you are! You never need to be externally motivated to do the work because it is just a natural extension of who you are!


It flows from you vs. having to be drawn out of you!


From this state of being procrastination is a thing of the past. As a result, the things you manifest or have in your life are congruent with YOUR DREAMS AND GOALS and manifest more rapidly and more accurately then you can imagine.


From this understanding it is much easier to decide on the things you need to DO! This is going to be all of the things you do as a result of who you have become.


For example by becoming a masterful chiropractor there are things that you do that are a natural extension of who you are as that person. This includes things like adjusting, marketing, administrating, training your team, diagnosing etc.


Clustering together these “similar” energy signature activities is key to flow and efficiency in time management. You can explore that more here.


The final general category is HAVE!


What I am referring to here is having some time to do things that you enjoy and that recharge your batteries so you can continue to do the things you desire to do to continue to become the person you are working at becoming.


It has often amazed me how many people have trouble with this simplest of categories.


They have forgotten how to loosen up and have fun and just enjoy life. They have become boring “workaholics” or “worry warts” whether they are physically in their businesses or not.


What these people don’t realize is that they are robbing themselves of many of the greatest joys in life as well as limiting their potential in their business! They get burned out and frustrated and it is very difficult to do optimal work from that place!


I hope you will take the time to review who it is you are becoming and devote some valuable time to continuing to grow and enhance that side of you!


It makes doing things so much easier and it won’t be long before you are reaping the benefits by having all of the things your heart desires!


Take some time to BE, DO & HAVE this week.


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