Are you self-sabotaging your practice growth?

You may be – even if you don’t know it yet!

The things we do or don’t do (the habits in our lives) are what defines our success.

“Your actions speak so loudly that I can’t hear the words you say.”

Our clients are always saying I want:
To have better relationships
To have more love in my life
To make more money
To build a better business

But their actions and behaviours aren’t conducive to these wants! Basically, their habits have become hardwired so that they are neurologically defining who they are in their lives.

But there are solutions we’re going to share with you!

1. What is the pattern of behaviour you want to change?

If you can determine the pattern of behaviour that is limiting your success in life then you are already 50% of the way to success and the solution.

2. Recognize that all patterns of behaviour are driven by a belief

In this case a faulty belief or one that no longer serves you. If you can identify that belief and change it at the root level then you open the possibility to where you can actually change the behaviour.

3. Recognize that you need to unwire the neurological pattern of the habit

You may need an accountability partner here! You need to break the habit and recognize every time you exhibit the behaviour that is causing the problem in the first place. By recognizing and having someone point it out to you – you can stop the habit.

You can start with a reward/punishment system here. Start with a small period of time, like a week or two. When you are successful for that period of time reward yourself with something that is of value to you… or punish yourself with something that is not meaningful in your value system.

4. Replace the behaviour with a better, more congruent behaviour

An example of this is a recent client who was having problems with money and just could not hold on to it long enough to grow her business. We went back through these four steps and identified that her budget was off, she had many poor spending habits, and a lack of follow through on her goals.

These behaviours were not congruent with her desire to have more money in her life. When you go back to her belief system it was one that said people like her didn’t “deserve” to have money. This was a belief she inherited from her family. Her belief was that she could never be rich!

We went back and did some research to change her behaviour and belief system that this was a possible outcome for her life. We replaced her behaviours with new ones – we got her a new budget and helped her follow it, we got her an accountability partner, we also got her to create a reward/punishment system. She went on to become much better off from a financial standpoint because of these steps.

Your patterns of behaviour (things you do or don’t do) dictate the quality of your life, relationship, love, business and more. These habits are driven by beliefs. Recognizing and changing the beliefs will change your life! You don’t have to stay stuck in your habits! Get out there and try out these four steps.

Stop living by default and start defining what a great life and practice means for YOU.