Do you find yourself procrastinating from doing the work you KNOW will help grow your chiropractic practice and move you closer to reaching your goals?

Are you reading this right now instead of doing those very things?

Do you check off the easiest things on your To-Do List so you can feel that sense of accomplishment from getting SOMETHING done?

In this week’s chiropractic coaching tips video series we’re going to share with you three things you can do to re-inspire yourself to WANT to start doing those things.

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I understand that some days are better than others, and things get in the way… but if you identify as someone who tends to hold back from pushing massive action forward then there’s something within you that needs to be addressed.

Here’s what you can do today to overcome that dirty P word and start seeing that sweet R word: Results (or Revenue, take your pick).

Procrastination Kills Profit

Procrastination is estimated to cost the business community $70 BILLION in the US alone.

Procrastination leads to less efficiency, effectiveness, prosperity and fulfillment which is a huge personal price to pay.

I have spoken with some older folks who feel like their friends and some family members died with the music still inside them.

Why do we procrastinate?

While there are many causes, we have lumped them all into one easy acronym…

Emotional Space Occupying Lesions

What is an ESOL?

Where do they come from?

Past hurts, unresolved conflicts, fears, guilts, shame, limiting beliefs, undeveloped communication pathways, undeveloped skill sets, etc.

They block the hard drive of your heart and mind and minimize your efficiency, creativity, personal power, intellect, make your emotions more raw and volatile and ultimately decrease your joy and fulfillment (not to mention profitability) in life.

There are solutions for these ESOL’s.

There are exercises, processes, and tools that we use in our coaching programs to release these things from your life forever.

I’ll share several of them with you today:

1) Brain Dump 

Too many people have too many things going on in their personal life and their business that when they’re not worried about something, they’re worried that they should be worrying about something!!

Here’s a quick fix to buy yourself some well-deserved mental attention…

Write EVERYTHING down on a piece of paper or in a Google Doc.

I mean everything you can think of that you have to do, anything that would creep into your mind at night…

  • create chiropractic marketing ideas for your next quarter
  • do the ROI projections on your last marketing spend
  • create a new Outcomes Assessment to hire a new Chiropractic Assistant
  • create the marketing materials for an upcoming event
  • call the neighbour to watch your house while you’re on vacation
  • get your oil changed in your car
  • buy a present for your sister’s upcoming birthday
  • etc
  • etc

Keep this list going until every inch of your mind has exhausted ALL the things ruminating in your brain.

Then we move onto step 2…

2) Dump it, Delegate it, or Do it

Put everything on your list into immediate action by first organizing the items into an A, B, or C manner of importance, then deciding what action step its going to take to get it done.

Dump it.

Delegate it/hire it out.

Or make the time to do it.

Anything that’s a HIGH priority, assign an A beside it.

Anything that should be addressed sooner rather than later, assign a B beside it.

And anything that’s a good idea to implement eventually, assign a D beside it.

We have a couple time and project management tools we use that works in conjunction with this to get it all done in an efficient and effective manner, but the importance is getting your head and your heart clear.

Challenge yourself to get most of this delegated to a CA, a family member, or a virtual assistant.

Your job is to be a great chiropractor.  

3/ Values –

Another reason someone procrastinates is because it’s not tied to their values.

In another video I referenced a coaching client who KNEW she needed to do team meetings but just didn’t do them.

So we made it hurt.

We tied it to her values as a disconnect to say, IF you miss one team meeting in the next 4 months, I will cash one of the $500 cheques you sent me to a charity you strongly dislike.

Link Your Goals to Your Core Values

Your core values come from above, down, inside, out and represent the things you value most in your life.

Family is my number one value so no wonder we had 5 kids.

No wonder 30% of my practice was kids under the age of 16.

No wonder I love playing with kids.

No wonder I support World Vision Canada that helps feed many children around the world.

When you link your lifestyle and your goals to your VALUES you are intrinsically motivated from within.

You don’t need any external motivation.

Most people are not willing to do the work to link it to their values or in fact have never invested the time to uncover their core values.

Presuming you have unveiled your core values, then to link a goal or growth plan to your values you simply continually ask yourself the W questions and filter them through the 7 areas of the hologram of life.

For example, what would happen to you mentally if you grew your business?

You might feel more relaxed.

What does that lead to or what happens then?

You are less stressed?

What happens when you are less stressed?

You are happier?

What happens then?

You are more focused?

What happens then?

You are a better doctor, parent and spouse?

What does that lead to?

Happier, more content family members.

Can you see how that directly links to your core values of family?

Doing this with each of the 7 areas of the hologram: physical, mental, spiritual, career, family, financial, and social will allow you to link the growth in your business to the goals and priorities you set and procrastination will mysteriously and magically reduce (or even disappear).

Connect To Who You Are And What You Truly Want So You Can Be More and Have More

Downside is that not everyone has the time or energy to embark on a professional business consulting program with us, so we developed an immersion program called Awaken Your Authentic Self.

It is an incredible 3 day immersion program that is designed to release those ESOL’s that are holding you back and decreasing your joy, creativity, passion, commitment, productivity and prosperity.

A good proportion of the program happens in nature where there are no cell phones, internet, and other distractions of daily life that keep you locked in old patterns.

It is like a pattern interrupt in a safe environment that will allow you to FINALLY explore what it means to be yourself, identify what you’ve been put on this Earth for, and release these ESOL’s that have held you back.

Ending procrastination is just one of the hundreds of benefits our clients have told us about over the years.

If you would like to learn more about our Spiritual or Couples Retreat in Ontario, check it out here: