How many new patients do you get from your website per week?

We have found that most chiropractors do not utilize their website to the potential that is possible because they just don’t understand how much potential is out there.

Facebook is now used more by Gen X and business professionals than teenagers, because of the advertising and business capabilities that have been rolled out in the past few years.

This means that your target market is hanging out there, giving you information on their likes and interests and all we have to do is use that information to invite them to care.

Imagine how many people have been to your website that are not your patients. How cool would it be to find those people that have come to your website and put a video in their Facebook feed giving them more information on the power of chiropractic and how they can get under care.

That is possible and Rick Tielemans of Meraki, the marketing arm of Full Circle Coaching and Consulting, shows you EVERY STEP to setting this up yourself.

Some people will pay a firm hundreds to thousands of dollars to set this up, and some will use expensive software to do so. Here is how to set it up in an hour with your staff in your office.

Follow the steps and watch what a website and Facebook can ACTUALLY do for you.


Follow the steps in the video below:


If you’d like further help with this, as not all of us are as techie as we would like to be, then please reach out to Mike and Rick by booking a 20 min strategy call below:

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