Do you want to grow your practice, but you don’t want to…


  • learn facebook ads?
  • shoot awkward videos?
  • pay Google too much money for clicks to your outdated website?
  • hire someone to help your website SEO?
  • all of the above?

Are you too busy to even dedicate the time toward learning all this stuff?!


Then you’re in the right place, because Full Circle has been helping docs consistently increase their practice WITHOUT any fancy chiropractic marketing.


We use a system you could call “unMarketing” which is a tested 4-step method for creating your authentic success roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be.


So what is the MAGIC FORMULA or SUCCESS PLAYBOOK for getting new patients in the door, for staying under care, and for consistently growing your chiropractic practice in a way that you allows you to enjoy going to work again?


Here’s what we do with our chiropractic coaching clients…

1) Create the vacuum

The first step in getting from where you are today to where you want to be is to define what the heck that actually looks like!


You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want!


So how much money do you want to be making?


Where will that money go once you’re earning it?


Consider it already spent in advance on the things you value – kids education, mortgage, vacation, organic groceries, etc.


Then how much income does the practice need to earn to pay you that much?


So how many patients does it take per week/month to earn that practice income?


Once you have this clarity, you’re creating a vacuum in the universe.


You’ve created a void in the universe in terms of both patients and personal income that the universe conspires to support.


But that’s not enough because you still need to put action into this plan…


2) Remove the self-sabotaging blocks to success


Your chiropractic practice is your vehicle that is going to get you to your goals, but you’re the driver of this vehicle.


In step one, you mapped the coordinates and laid out the map toward your “destination” of “success”.


Although, you need to get in this vehicle every day and take consistent action in the right direction until you arrive.


But there will be roadblocks, speed bumps, mountains and valleys along the way…


These can manifest as disgruntled team members or patients. They can manifest as simply not knowing what steps to take each day to get you closer to your goals. Or they can manifest as emotional blocks, because as the imperfect human beings we are – we ALL have baggage and self-sabotaging habits that hold us back from achieving our goals.


3) Blend your values into your work


Look, most docs who have hit a plateau in their practice stop enjoying waking up and going to work.


They feel stuck and they don’t know what to do to change their situation. This usually creates uninspired inaction and limiting beliefs…


And where attention goes, energy flows.


Which means the more you think about the lack or need for patients, the more you’re attracting more lack and more of a need for new patients.


So how do we help docs actually ENJOY going to work… before they even have traces of success and growth happening?


The trick is to create an environment they don’t need to escape from by blending their CORE VALUES into their work.


Example: Erik is a talented musician, has a high value of family and values helping people get well through chiropractic.


So we helped him figure out how to blend more music and family into his chiropractic practice. This way he is creating an environment surrounded by the things he values the most.


P.S. Erik exploded TWO practices in less than a year of coaching with the steps we laid out, after very minimal growth for the last 3 years.


4) Fine-tune the vehicle so it supports your growth goals


We put a lot of emphasis on the driver of the vehicle – YOU – before working on the vehicle itself.


But it is important to ensure we have a vehicle that can get us all the way to our destination without falling apart on the way.

If your goal is to double to amount of patients you see each week, do you have the systems and team in place to support this?


Do you have enough well-trained staff to ensure nothing slips through the cracks whether you see 5 or 50 patients in one day?


Each practice is a special snowflake with its own opportunities for growth, so we can’t know what it is that you need to work on first.


However, you’re likely not ready for this step yet.


If you want help designing your authentic “Success Roadmap” to get you unstuck and on the right path towards a practice and life that feels good, then book a free strategy session with one of our coaches.


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